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Apply to UCSF HEAL Initiative Global Health Fellowship

By Joseph Scarpelli | 07 Oct, 2015

Applications for the UCSF HEAL Initiative (http://healinitiative.org/) global health fellowship are open until 15 October 2015!

The Heal Initiative is an innovative two-year post-residency global health fellowship dedicated to equipping health providers with the knowledge and expertise needed to effectively serve in resource limited settings, both internationally and in the U.S. We are currently recruiting post-residency physicians as well as nurse practitioners.
Through the HEAL Initiative, we are linking together health professionals dedicated to serving their community and to learning from others like them all around the world. Over the course of 2 years fellows serve in underserved sites in the U.S. such as Navajo Nation and international sites such as Haiti, India, Liberia, Malawi, Mexico, and Nepal. In addition to an online Master of Public Health (MPH) degree, our fellows will come away with a set of robust and versatile skills essential to improving the delivery of health care around the world.
Our goal is to provide the next generation of global health practitioners with the training program we wish we ourselves had gone through. We are looking to spread the word of our fellowship and to invite health providers who are passionate about health equity to apply for our program beginning in July 2016. Applications can be found here: http://healinitiative.org/join-us/apply-to-be-a-fellow/.



yohannes efa Replied at 9:32 AM, 9 Oct 2015

is that for US that possible to apply from Ethiopia?

yohannes efa Replied at 9:36 AM, 9 Oct 2015

is that possible to apply from Ethiopia?

Joseph Scarpelli Replied at 11:20 AM, 9 Oct 2015

Thanks for your interest, Yohannes!
You can direct all specific application questions to

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