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Multiple first-line treatments (MFT) for malaria: Are we ready?

By Prashant Yadav Moderator Emeritus | 17 Oct, 2009 Last edited by Kileken ole-MoiYoi on 12 Nov 2009

The national treatment policy in most endemic countries is a single first-line therapy for uncomplicated malaria. This strategy may not be the most effective from the perspective of slowing the spread of drug resistance. Some new studies such as (Boni, Smith and Laxminarayan 2008) recommend the use of multiple first-line therapies (MFT) that may delay the emergence of resistance. Many new drugs have now become available within the ACT class and many others are likely to be launched over the next few years. Thus MFT is now theoretically feasible.

However, many operational and logistical challenges remain around how to successfully roll out multiple first line treatments.



Mitsuru Toda Moderator Emeritus Replied at 4:25 PM, 19 Oct 2009

I believe the cost of MFT for malaria is the main issue. Supplying ACT alone is already very expensive. Are there any projection on how much MFT would be and what kind of treatment drugs would be included?

Prashant Yadav Moderator Emeritus Replied at 9:27 AM, 28 Oct 2009

A discussion on this topic will be held in a special session at the Multi Lateral Initiative on Malaria Meeting in Nairobi on Nov 2 from 14:30 to 16:30

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