Treating non-communicable diseases (NCD) is a global health priority. Members of this community share effective approaches to combating NCDs in poor populations everywhere.

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Seeking new clinical trainers - could you help us spread the word?

Debbie Thompson replied

Dear Colleagues, Thank you for all the interest in this post though I'm sorry to hear about the glitch in the system Deborah von Zinkernagel. We are currently seeking experienced practicing family medicine doctors. Please contact us directly with your details rather than post online. The process to follow for ... read more

Updated: 28 Mar, 2017
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Applications Due April 3rd: NextGen Leaders on NCDs in East Africa

Chalchisa Abdeta replied

Wow! It is interesting workshop. I advice you that fincial support should be available for airticket, accomodation and foods during workshop since majority of young professionals in Africa are poor. Having empty pocket does not mean to have empty mind. So, financial barriers should be removed to participate in this ... read more

Updated: 27 Mar, 2017
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Epie Njume replied

Dear Sudhir, After everything, access to healthcare be it experimental or proven is heavily dependent on finances. I guess the question we should be asking is how to get the finances necessary to procure these treatments once they become available. Perhaps we should also ask why is it impossible to ... read more

Updated: 26 Mar, 2017
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Career Opportunity: Executive Director for Health Horizons International, Dominican Republic

by Laura McNulty

Health Horizons International (HHI) is seeking an Executive Director to lead our organization's development and growth in the Dominican Republic. We are looking for candidates with a passion for global health and community development, expertise in working in partnership with communities and institutions, and the leadership skills to drive growth ... read more


read more

Updated: 25 Mar, 2017
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