Chronic kidney disease.

By saurav hamal | 21 Apr, 2017

Is there role of kidney biospy with loss of CMD and reduced size? like incase of young patient with no diabetes or hypertension.



Damanraj Poudel Replied at 2:46 AM, 24 Apr 2017

Chronic kidney disease can be diagnosed by imaging and blood parameter.
UsG showing loss of CMD, contracted kidney with increased echogenecity
suggestive of CKD irrespective of the etiology and invariably doesnot
require biopsy to prove CKD . Whatever the etiology , final outcome is
glomeruolosclerosis, interstitial atropy, and tubular atrophy , which are
the core histopathological features of CKD
Only in certain situation and in certain center , where cause of CKD is not
known at occasion , renal biopsy is performed to exclude the FSGS (
recurrence rate in transplanted kidney is quite high in non genetic FSGS)
as the primary cause of CKD for the preparation of transplantation in
future. I dont think so there would be additional advantage on doing
biopsy when you already has imaging and blood parameter report suggestive
of CKD.
Any other opinion please share on this matter