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HHI Clinical Programs Director Position Open

By Haley Burns | 19 Mar, 2014

About Our Organization
Health Horizons International (HHI) is a non-profit organization working to improve community health and expand access to quality health care in the Dominican Republic. We support a comprehensive model of health promotion that focuses on addressing health issues in their social, economic, and cultural context. HHI organizes primary care field clinics, staffed by local partners and international medical service trip volunteers, every four months to provide underserved patients with continuity of care and access to a network of sub-specialists. Integrated with the medical service trips is our unique Community Health Workers Program, which trains and manages local individuals in patient care management, community-wide health education, and leadership for community development. HHI is also committed to public health research and project development to effectively address the underlying determinants of health and illness.

Established in 2009, HHI is a young organization continuing to develop and refine its programs, and is constantly being shaped by community feedback and on-the-ground experience. HHI maintains offices in the Puerto Plata province of the Dominican Republic and in Bloomfield, CT.

About the Position
The Clinical Programs Director is responsible for leading, managing, and developing HHI’s patient care and clinical programs in the Dominican Republic. S/he is entrusted with acting as a service provider, trainer, advocate, and visionary for realizing HHI’s mission, and therefore has the chance to effect positive change through both direct service and organizational-level strategic action. The position offers a valuable opportunity for cultural and professional development through immersion in the communities HHI serves and the Dominican Republic’s health care, NGO, and governmental sectors. The position also demands a passion for global health and community development, and a commitment to working towards a holistic vision of health in partnership with communities.

The Clinical Programs Director (CPD) start date is early June 2014. The CPD reports to the Executive Director, and works in collaboration with the Logistics & Administrative Coordinator and Public Health Director.

o Manage and supervise the provision of on-going patient care by the Community Health Workers, including supervising and supporting the Community Health Worker Coordinator in his/her role of field-training and supporting the CHWs in their patient care work. This includes occasional accompaniment of CHWs on home visits.
o Directly facilitate patient access to local health care providers, including supervising, supporting and assisting HHI’s Referral Specialist in organizing appointment schedules, accompanying patients to specialist and surgical appointments, acting as an advocate and managing medical follow-up care.
o Maintain and grow partnerships with local health care providers to ensure the quality and completion of patient referrals to sub-specialists
o Engage with community members and leaders to understand goals and needs, to facilitate the development of solutions, and to adapt or grow HHI’s clinical programs in response.

o Maintain and grow partnerships with the Ministry of Health and local health care providers. Identify and develop opportunities for collaboration with these groups in the areas of continuing clinical education/training, and sustainable strengthening of the local Dominican medical system.
o Build and maintain partnerships with U.S. and Dominican Medical Schools by providing direct field-training and field-supervision to medical students/Physician Assistant Students volunteering or completing academic rotations in field work with HHI in the Dominican Republic. Train and manage other types of clinical volunteers.
o Manage medications inventory and procurement.
o Manage patient medical records system.
o Coordinate and facilitate the on-the-ground functioning of primary health care field clinics, including set-up, securing medications and supplies, training volunteers on clinic protocol, and supervising and accompanying teams during clinic days.
o Teach or co-teach modules of Community Health Worker training curriculum.
o Support development and implementation of clinical research and serve as supervisor for Interns.
o Support Public Health Director in developing and implementing projects and impact evaluation efforts, including reporting on clinical programs outcomes.
o Support the Executive Director in writing monthly reports and maintaining the clinical programs budget.
o Report to the Executive Director and assist with tasks and assignments as required, including fundraising & grant writing, communications, and public relations.

o Fluency in Spanish. Proficiency and/or fluency in Haitian Creole is desirable.
o Masters degree in Health Sciences or other related fields is desirable.
o Previous experience in health care provider settings and direct patient care.
o Significant work or volunteer experience with marginalized communities and Spanish-speaking populations.
o At least two years of international experience.
o Demonstrated commitment to and understanding of global health issues.
o Excellent interpersonal skills, leadership and supervisory skills, cultural competency, and ability to communicate and collaborate effectively with co-workers and team members.
o Strong organizational skills, attentiveness to detail, and writing and public speaking abilities.
o Independent, open-minded, innovative, and motivated to develop and execute long-term goals.
o Flexible, open to changes in direction, and willing to take on challenging situations requiring creativity and patience.
o Ability to work on a team, in the field, and with other NGO, government, and community leaders and organizations on a daily basis, including traveling by public transportation and motorcycle.

o $20,000 annual salary
o Onetime moving and adjustment allowance
o Basic Health Insurance and Medical Evacuation Insurance
o Support for home-leave flights
o Total four weeks annual vacation (two weeks flexible, plus Easter week and Christmas week), plus Dominican holidays

Application Instructions and Timeline
Please email a cover letter and CV or resume to Haley Burns at . Applicants will be contacted within two weeks of submitting their application. Selected candidates will be invited to interview (in person or by phone) with the Executive Director, and with the current International Programs Directors. Applications are due by May 15, 2014 but offers will be extended on a rolling basis.

For more information, visit us online:

Health Horizons International / Horizontes de Salud

United States Dominican Republic
One Regency Drive Calle El Silencio #18, 2da planta
Bloomfield, CT 06002 Montellano, Puerto Plata
Tel: 860.243.3977 Republica Dominicana
Tel: 809.574.0983


This Community is Archived.

While this community is no longer active, we invite you to review and recommend past posts and resources. Membership for this community is closed, but we hope you'll join us in one of the many other communities on GHDonline.

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