Young People, NCDs, & Disability: Maximising Capacity Across the Life-Course

By Yen Thanh Mac | 23 Sep, 2013

Dear Friends,

I'm so happy to share with you that NCD Child launched the issues paper titled ‘Young People, NCDs and Disability: Maximising Capacity Across the Life-Course' at Harvard Medical School on September 23rd in an effort to continue the growing momentum of the UNHLM on Disability and Development in New York.

I invite you to read the paper and share it, along with your comments and questions on social media, using the hashtags, #act4ncdchild and #thisability!-Young-People-NCDs-Disability-Maxi...

Thank you very much,
Yen-Thanh Mac, M.D.

Children & NCDs



Erika Placella Replied at 4:16 AM, 24 Sep 2013

Very interesting ressource. Thanks for sharing it.

GLADYS EGWUIBE Replied at 2:35 AM, 12 Mar 2014

Tnx So much just came accross it now. So useful and I suggest we should try and talk more on children especially neonates.