Nurses and midwives provide the backbone of health care delivery systems worldwide. Members of this community share experiences and exchange information in efforts to raise the standard of nursing care and training.

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Updated: 17 Jul, 2018
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Setting the agenda for nurse leadership in India: what is missing

David Cawthorpe replied

A, B, C’s of clinical nursing education, after social deconstruction, depends on the efficacy of clinical practice in relationship to clinical outcome (patient), which in turn depends upon evaluation... A. 10 principles for effective clinical teaching B. And the means to evaluate clinical effect C. Objective measure of clinical practice ... read more

Updated: 15 Jul, 2018
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Update on CCNEPal activities for summer 2018

Joe Niemczura, RN, MS replied

Pediatric Life Support. My blog has more info. read more

Updated: 14 Jul, 2018
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13th Summer Institute on Migration and Global Health-Health Initiative of the Americas

by Maggie Sullivan

A fantastic conference on migration and health was held in Oakland, California this month. Many experts presented information on current trends, advocacy efforts, areas/issues in need of additional research, and collegial support. As an attendee, I can attest to the wonderfully helpful content and messages. Please find all of the ... read more

Updated: 10 Jul, 2018
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