Birth Center in India

By Rondi anderson | 07 Dec, 2018

Is looking for an experiences midwife to come to a long term commitment to
set it up and make it the below..there is some funding
for the poistion



Rondi anderson Replied at 12:03 AM, 9 Dec 2018


Midwives for Haiti needs and executive director it is salaried and the
candidate must spend several months a year in Haiti. Please contact the

Jessica Jordan via the website or

Anne Grove Replied at 12:41 AM, 9 Dec 2018

Rondi, please forgive me for tagging along here………

to Africa, the Seed Foundation is hiring midwives to work for one year in a program based on lessons learned from HRH in Rwanda, and with Peace Corps style training, both language and cultural humility training.

The contact is Daisy Winner. If interested and the webside does not answer your questions you can call me at 614-806-7567 or just go to:

Deadline is January 15th, pay unknown, one year commitment.
anne grove cnm
peace love and midwives, we are one.

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Macmy ST-HILAIRE Replied at 6:48 AM, 9 Dec 2018

There are several midwives in Haiti. You can choose one of them.

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