Clinician Orientation to Migration and Health: 7 webinar series

By Maggie Sullivan Moderator | 11 Apr, 2013

From our colleagues at Migrant Clinicians Network (MCN), a free webinar series on treating/managing migrant patients. This is open to all nurses, and whether you have migrant patients in the US, or any other country, I highly recommend this series. To review past webinars, visit the attached link.

From the MCN website:
"As a clinician who has chosen to work in migration health you have entered a unique and rewarding clinical care environment. Working in migration health is both gratifying and challenging, requiring clinicians to understand far more than straightforward clinical procedures. To maximize effectiveness it is critical to be aware of the unique needs, strengths and circumstances of migrant patients.

Migrant Clinicians Network has designed this Clinician Orientation to Migration Health for new as well as seasoned clinicians who are interested in understanding more about the migrant population. The orientation is divided into a series of seven webinars which cover a wide breadth of knowledge and skills to help clinicians provide quality care to one of the most difficult to reach populations in the United States.

Each module consists of a 1-hour webinar presented by experts in the field of migration health. Accompanying the webinars are topic-specific handouts as well as links and resources for those who want even more in-depth information about the topic. Each presenter has many years of experience in migration health and brings the very best in cutting-edge skills and knowledge to this effort. Emphasis is placed on practical solutions to the difficulties that arise at the intersection of migration, poverty and health.

Each module is accredited for an hour of Continuing Nursing or Continuing Medical Education. If you enroll for the entire series you will receive 7 full hours of free continuing education. Complete all 7 modules and you will receive a Certificate of Expertise in Migration Health."

Webinar Topics:
1. Overview of Critial Concerns in Migration Health
2. Cultural Proficiency in the Context of Migration Health
3. The Intersection of Primary Care and Migration Health
4. Workers and Health
5. Creating a PCMH for Patients on the Move
6. Women's Health and Migration
7. Quality and Meaningful Use in Migration Care

Attached resources: