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By Jennifer Weitzel | 22 Jul, 2013

Good evening!
I have been asked to present to Haitian nursing students in their last year of school on the subject of "Ethics in Nursing." This is a single presentation - I think I have about 2 hours. Everything I am putting together thus far feels too ethnocentric. Also, my background is in public health nursing so I might be missing key points related to direct patient care. Anyone have any suggestions/insights? I was considering doing a brief presentation and then having them participate in some case studies?? Any feedback is welcome and greatly appreciated! I can be reached at !

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Elizabeth Glaser Moderator Emeritus Replied at 11:18 PM, 22 Jul 2013

Hi Jennifer,
This is a very good issue you raised as it is ethics are a challenge for providers regardless of settings. Then there is the issue of adhering to ethical guidelines within a culture that may or may not clash with principle of human rights. I found this group,International Health Ethics Research Team (IHERT), at University of Regina was a good place to start. If I find anything else that is relevant then I will forward it to you.


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Janis Tuxbury Replied at 9:23 AM, 23 Jul 2013

Hi Jennifer- It's terrific that you are willing to do this! I have designed and co-taught a course on nursing education for Haitian nursing faculty. One portion of the course was devoted to Nursing Ethics. I found that the International Council of Nurses had some very useful information. This document was most recently revised in 2012, and is available in multiple languages, including French. Best wishes- Jan Tuxbury

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Jennifer Weitzel Replied at 9:06 AM, 24 Jul 2013

Thank you - this resource is going to be very helpful!!

Amungwa Athanasius Nche Replied at 10:18 PM, 9 Nov 2013

Many thanks.

Back in the Nursing school, I had the hard copy of this material. I am so
pleased now with this ecopy of the Code of Ethics, very handy.

Bes regards

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