Global Health Service Partnership

By Jennifer Goldsmith | 13 Mar, 2012

This morning The Global Health Service Corps ( announced the launch of a partnership with the Peace Corps and PEPFAR. Beginning in Tanzania, Malawi and Uganda in July 2013, MD and RN participants will serve as medical educators in the Peace Corps Response program through the Global Health Service Partnership (GHSP).



suzanne willard Replied at 6:23 PM, 13 Mar 2012

Hi Jennifer

This is indeed an exciting project. The project will need lots of nursing input. So, nurses this will be a one year commitment for some great work to be done. Stay tuned to the website for more info!

Sue willard
Association of nurses in aids care

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Jennifer Goldsmith Replied at 8:34 AM, 14 Mar 2012

Thanks so much, Sue. Please be in touch at with any questions about this really exciting partnership with the Peace Corps and PEPFAR and an important GH medical education opportunity.

Pamela Fruechting Replied at 11:42 AM, 14 Mar 2012

This thrills me! Malawi and Uganda are very dear to me for a few reasons, and I have wanted to hear about something like this for some time. I am headed to Malawi August 2012 for my dissertation research on the well-being of child-heads of sibling households who receive services from a faith-based NGO. While there, I will re-group with friends in an HIV support group. In Uganda, we have been involved with our friends there in increasing health services for a small village, and we visited there during the adoption of my HIV+ grandson. This year we are getting another 1-2 children from the same orphanage, who were his crib mates, assuming all goes well. You never know. So my interests in health care in HIV-endemic sub-Saharan Africa has very personal ties. Makes for a lot of passionate work. Thank you so much for this link and this news. What a great opportunity.

Pat Daoust Replied at 5:11 PM, 14 Mar 2012

So great to see such enthusiasm regarding The Global Health Service
Partnership with the Peace Corp. Over the next few weeks please be on the
look out for further details regarding this exciting program. A great
opportunity for service!
We begin meeting with our country partners in Uganda, Malawi and Tanzania
within the next few months and recruitment will be initiated late summer.

*The official website is:*

Pat Daoust MSN RN
Chief Nursing Officer



Pat Daoust

Sheila Davis Moderator Emeritus Replied at 5:21 PM, 14 Mar 2012

This program will be great and it is exciting that this as well as the Rwandan MOH nursing will provide great opportunities to strengthen global nursing communities.

Janet Stewart Replied at 9:56 AM, 16 Mar 2012

As someone who spent the last 9 months looking for a long-term faculty/practice position in a developing nation, it's wonderful to see these opportunities launching. I've secured a great position in Rwanda, not with the MoH/Clinton Healthcare Access Initiative, and I am very excited that so many of my talented, like-minded colleagues are building resources and presence in these communities. Thanks to Anne Sliney, Pat Daoust, and others who have done such a tremendous job providing nursing leadership in these important projects.

unarose hogan Replied at 1:07 PM, 7 Oct 2012

Janet.. I hope life is good in Rwanda and apologies for taking up fro an old post, Janet id like to ask you how you went about securing your faculty position in Rwanda if you wouldn't mind? (i on if you'd like to get in touch) Secondly I concur here what a wonderful program and thanks to Anne Sliney for incredible nursing leadership.