How patient-clinician communication can promote minimally disruptive medicine via shared decision-making

By Maggie Sullivan Moderator | 14 Jul, 2013

We are just beginning to return (at least in the US) full-circle to the irreplaceable component of effective communication; something nurses are typically known for and, not without chagrin, something that has been scientifically undervalued. It is news to no one that western culture has replaced communication with technology and medicine, being fully situated within our culture, is no exception. So I was happy to come upon this blog and feel that as nurses, we are already well-positioned to support shared decision making in a clinical context.

My second, and last, plug for this blog is that rather than being stuck with inadequate ideas of resource-rationing or 2nd-tier medicine, the concept of "minimally disruptive medicine" is both elegant and common sense. So no matter my practice setting, my goal to be minimally disruptive holds constant.

Feel free to share your thoughts, pro or con.

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