How to do a global survey of nurses and advanced practice nurses? Red Cap not working

By Hartley Feld | 23 Oct, 2018

One of my colleagues at an academic institution has approval to do a global survey of nurses and APRN's via RedCap and she is finding that the access link is blocked from the entire continent of Africa, and most parts of South America. Does anyone have expertise in using other survey formats with ease, with a link, and threaded questions? Particularly in the global south. Thank you, Hartley Feld, PhD, RN, University of Kentucky



Christina Congdon Moderator Replied at 8:51 PM, 24 Oct 2018

Dr. Feld,

Thank you for reaching out! I have conducted international surveys utilizing SurveyMonkey and Google Surveys. I believe these are approved platforms for research, but may not be as secure as RedCap. It may be worth a try to reach your desired geographic locations though. Hope this helps! :)


Joanne Pohl Replied at 9:02 PM, 24 Oct 2018

THe advantage of Google Forms is it is free. But agree that both Survey
MOnkey and Google Forms should work.


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