By Maggie Sullivan Moderator | 27 Nov, 2012

Dear All,

We thought it'd be nice to get to know each other better as members of the Global Health Nursing and Midwifery community on GHDonline. So whether you've just joined or been a member of the community for a while, please take a moment to post a short paragraph here introducing your work and interests to everyone else.

I'll start things off - I'm Maggie Sullivan, one of the GHDonline moderators. I'm a family nurse practitioner with Boston Health Care for the Homeless ( I also collaborate with Partners In Health on their Chiapas and Guatemala projects ( My work in Boston is in shelter-based clinics, so I mostly see homeless adults at large (400+ bed) shelters, in addition to our 100-bed medical respite program. In Guatemala primarily, I work with rural nurses in the Western Highlands cervical cancer screening. I've always loved the dichotomy between working with the urban poor in the US as well as rural communities in Latin America. I truly believe both to be part of the global health circle. For example, the average life expectancy of homeless individuals in the US is estimated between 42 and 52 years, compared to 78 years in the general population. And compared to Guatemala's average life expectancy of 71 years, homelessness in the US is like our own low/middle income country (LMIC), right here in our back yard. My focus is on primary care with marginalized Spanish-speaking patients, whether in or outside the US, and in particular, undocumented immigrants.

Looking forward to hearing from you - please add a reply and introduce yourself to the community.

Maggie Sullivan



Neel Arant Replied at 1:03 AM, 28 Nov 2012



My name is Neel Arant. I am a Certified Nurse Midwife. I worked in New York City for many years mainly with Spanish speaking women as well as with HIV+ women. I moved to Perth, Australia 3 years ago and am now in the early stages of a PhD in International Health. My research involves the utilization of decision support systems for the management of HIV during pregnancy. I look forward to hearing more from other members of this community.


Adrienne Ruhf Replied at 2:19 PM, 28 Nov 2012

Hi everyone, my name is Adrienne Ruhf. I am an RN and a CNM student in
Chicago. My background in cultural anthropology, and interest in
international health, inspired me to pursue nursing/midwifery training. I
am a NHSC scholar, so I am currently trying to figure out how I will be
able to serve in underserved communities, in this country, after my
graduation in May. I am always interested in hearing from other providers
practicing in similar communities, especially with any new-grad advice!

I am not always surrounded by peers with similar goals and passions, so I
am constantly inspired by the conversations and research presented on this
list. I look forward to hearing more about other members!


Jolynne Mokaya Replied at 2:33 PM, 28 Nov 2012

My name is Jolynne Mokaya from Kenya.Currently I am a student doing Bachelors degree in nursing sciences.I am actively involved in research and I volunteer during holidays participating in community outreach programmes that help the less fortunate among various commumities in Kenya.
I will be glad to get to know more of you and work on projects together.

With kind regards,
Mokaya Jolynne

Hanne Harbison Replied at 4:20 PM, 28 Nov 2012

My name is Hanne Harbison and I am a Women's Health NP with my Master's in public health in Maternal and Child Health. I have worked for the past 5 + years in STDs and HIV in Birmingham, Alabama. Before that I was an onology nurse for 4 years. I am very interested in working in a program that trains RNs to take on expanded roles in the care of HIV positive patients in Africa. i have yet to find that opportunity so if anyone knows of this type of position I would love to hear about it. I recently joined this online community and am so glad to be connected to such inspiring and thoughtful nurses around the world!

Amungwa Athanasius Nche Replied at 9:50 PM, 28 Nov 2012

Dear Co-members,
I'm Amungwa Athanasius Nche, an old member of GHDonline. I'm a reproductive
health Nurse and trainer who before joining the UN system as a UNV was dean
of studies of the State Health Personnel Training School in Bamenda
Cameroon. Presently I am an HIV/AIDS Training Officer and Leading the staff
team in one of the largest State of South Sudan, Jonglei. 80% of my work
has to do with awareness raising, training of peer leaders, change agents
and HIV/AIDS counselors. These training workshops have lead to the creation
of three networks of 105 members that I coordinate, supervise and
technically support in their efforts to fight against HIV & AIDS. I
collaborate principally with the Ministry of Health, South Sudan AIDS
Commission, INGOS/LNGOS and other UN agencies to reach out to the non-UN
population I work with. I am also into volunteering or rather
activities which include two areas: promotion of the use of Moringa leaves
and seeds by the UNMISS camp members and members of the local population to
enjoy their health and nutritional benefits and I equally head a group of
staff who are concerned with the improvement of the living conditions of
vulnerable families in conflict-torn South Sudan’s Jonglei State. I also
provide voluntary confidential counseling of clients for HIV and testing
them to keep a data base for the HIV/AIDS Unit of the State.
HIV/AIDS/Gender-based violence/Human Rights /Reproductive health are all
cross cutting issues in the work I do and I grapple a lot with
intercultural awareness training for a change that would help reduce HIV

*Amungwa Athanasius Nche*
*Health and Development Certified Training Professional*
*P.O. Box 2157*
*Alakuma, Road-Mankon*
*North West Region *

"*Always Remember to take your Vitamins: Take your Vitamin A for ACTION,
Vitamin B for Belief, Vitamin C for Confidence, Vitamin D for Discipline,
Vitamin E for Enthusiasm!!" Pablo*


unarose hogan Replied at 11:26 AM, 29 Nov 2012

Hi all, such interesting backgrounds there among our nursing and Midwifery community! My name is Unarose Hogan and I am currently a Global Health/ HIV advisor for Irish Aid, Department of Foreign Affairs Ireland. Its a great position and I work to provide technical health support across 6 african countries including Lesotho, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi and Ethiopia as well as keeping an eye on the global health affairs. Prior to this job I was the Infection Control Lecturer in University of East Anglia UK, as well as formerly a nurse tutor in Ireland. Nurse education is certainly my primary passion and one I hope to use in developing contexts- I firmly believe quality education for nurses and midwives throughout the world has the potential to transform health care and health outcomes - good people in the system are our most valuable resource. Internationally I have worked with WHO in Albania on a maternal, neonatal and child health project and with smaller ngo's clinically in Malawi and South Africa. Otherwise I have worked in infectious disease clinical settings in Ireland, Scotland and the UK.
I am a nurse holding a Bsc Nursing specalising in Infectious Disease; Msc International Health and PG Diploma Medical Education (currently completing this). I hope to undertake a Phd in the future.

Sandeep Saluja Replied at 8:01 PM, 4 Dec 2012


This is Sandeep Saluja,an internist and a product of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences(1979 batch).Currently,I have volunteered to work in remote areas for social cause.I am engaged in prevention and treatment in all areas of medicine.I endeavour to look at things holistically rather than within the narrow confines of any speciality even though I also have a special interest in rheumatology.
I am happy to learn from other members of the group many of whom have special focus on certain aspects of preventive or therapeutic areas.
Colleagues may wonder as to what a clinician is doing in this forum.The fact is that the nature of my work compels me to do more than just a conventional clinician's task.I have to double up as a physiotherapist,occupational therapist,dietician and nurse too!

Dorothy Dunn Replied at 8:30 PM, 4 Dec 2012

Hello Everyone,
I have been enjoying meeting the group and think there is a wealth of experience. I am currently teaching at Northern Arizona University, School of Nursing. I teach mostly online gerontology, advanced health assessment, and family theory. I am also an adjunct faculty member for Florida Atlantic University.  Each course I teach has global initiative outcomes. I am looking forward to guiding nursing students on a humanitarian mission to Mainpat, India. We leave December 15th. While there we will be immersed in the Tibet Refugee Community, providing health assessments with a focus on vision health. Also while we are there we will be conducting research among our mission group regarding their experience about working in a Tibetan Refugee Settlement. The data collected will help us to write grants to continue our work. I am a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner and will care for our mission team on our trip. I am concerned for older adults memory
and wellness and share my expertise as a consultant for those concerend with memory loss.
All best,
Dot Dunn

Dorothy J Dunn Ph.D., RN, APN-C, APRN, FNP- BC, AHN-BC
Assistant Professor
Northern Arizona University
School of Nursing
202 E Pine Knoll Drive
PO Box 15035, Room 201 A
Flagstaff, Arizona 86011
tel: 928-523-6455
Family Nurse Practitioner and Advanced Holistic Nurse
Adjunct Faculty
Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing
Florida Atlantic University
777 Glades Road
Boca Raton, Florida 33431-0991
tel: 561-297-0502
fax: 561-297-0505

Sheila Davis Moderator Emeritus Replied at 2:41 PM, 5 Dec 2012

Hello Everyone,

It is so meet you all and to hear about everyone's experience and interests in global health. I currently work as the Director of Global Nursing at Partners In Health (PIH) and we as an organization work in 10+ countries including the United States. Academically, I work as an Assistant Clinical Professor at the MGH Institute of Health Professions as part of the nursing faculty and teach in the global health and immigrant health areas and have been there since 2008 . I have also worked as a Nurse Practitioner at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) since 1997 although now I only work in the Infectious Diseases clinic a few days a month because of my travel schedule. I became involved in global health via the HIV/AIDS world since 1985 and have been so enriched by working with so many amazing nurses globally.

Take care,

Fay Guled Replied at 11:57 AM, 6 Dec 2012

Dear All,
I am a public health proffesional and I had the opportunity of working very
closely with Nurses abroad and the US. I was so impressed with the
intimate knowledge nurses have of their patients and the community. I hope
to join a nursing program in the next couple of years and look forward to
working as a global health nurse in the next few years.

Fatumo Guled

"It is fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the
lessons of failure"- Bill Gate

Ralueke Ekezie Replied at 12:13 PM, 6 Dec 2012

Dear All
Glad to meet you all, I am a Registered Nurse in Nigeria and the Founder/CEO of Blue Torch Home Care Limited, I specialize in Home care services and Telenursing activities. I am on of the 20 winners of the Connecting Nurses Care Challenge Innovation Award 2012. I am also a Maternal and Child Health Ambassador(MAMA), Country Representative of HIFA2015(Nigeria), project Adviser for Enugu Sate Branch Red Cross Society of Nigeria, ISfTeH Nurse member and ICN telenursing working Group.I am planning on obtaining my BSN also gearing on going into my masters in public Health and Palliative Care as well.
My Organization is currently growing and we hope to work with many other organization in order to spread Home care in Africa.
Thank you all 
When a road is too rough, the best way to move faster on it, is to slow down! SAINT 2011.

Elizabeth Glaser Moderator Emeritus Replied at 1:09 PM, 6 Dec 2012

Hi there -
It has been so interesting and inspiring to hear your stories about where and how we practice our work. I am currently a doctoral candidate in social policy focusing on global health and development, at the Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University.

For my first decade as a nurse, I worked at Boston Health Care for the Homeless and Pine Street Inn Nurses' clinics to provide care to homeless men and women in Boston. During that time, I was struck by the toll that addictions and mental illness took on our clients, so to better understand it I completed a clinical fellowship in addictions at Harvard medical School. After Pine Street Inn, I worked for several years at the ID clinic at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, where much of our practice was devoted to HIV care for people from many countries and a large range of socioeconomic backgrounds.

The longer I practiced, the more I kept wanting to understand about the systems that we work in and how the nursing perspective could be used to effect changes in access and care for the people I had served, where ever they might live. So I went back to school, got a masters in international health policy, and am using my nursing background to better answer questions on the impact of diseases on quality of life. Currently, I am doing an economic analysis on the benefits of new malaria prevention technologies in Kenya and Tanzania, including a study of the impact of malaria on children’s quality of life. As my day to day work is in health economics, it very refreshing to participate in this virtual environment with other nurses.


Lynet Ongeta Replied at 1:58 PM, 6 Dec 2012

Hello to all...I am a Registered nurse in Kenya currently undertaking my undergraduate degree. I have worked in a public hospital for more than ten years and the challenges we face are unimaginable. I have also worked briefly with the WRP here in Western Kenya and was involved in studies on malaria vaccine and also in surveillance of infectious diseases.

Thank you
I hope to enrich my nursing experience through such interactions.

Adanze Aguwa Replied at 4:03 PM, 6 Dec 2012

Hello everyone,
It been a pleasure meeting all of you here.
I am a USA medical school graduate but before taking the giant step, I had my training as a nurse and midwife in Nigeria.
My professional experience includes practicing as a nurse/midwife in Nigeria. .
After immigrating from Nigeria, I worked as a registered nurse for 15 years at the University of Michigan Medical Center Ann Arbor before venturing to pursue my medical degree at Wayne State School of Medicine in Detroit.
Upon my graduation from medical school, I completed 1 year internal medicine post graduate training at the Detroit Medical Center and proceeded to a specialize as a Neurologist. However, I found out that, that speciality was not a good fit for me.

I have volunteered and led many medical missions to countries such as Belize, Ghana and Nigeria and I always found my experiences very rewarding.
I am also the Cordinator and CEO of Human Touch Health Innitiatives an NGO registered in Nigeria, with a sister branch here in the USA registered as Human Touch International.
Most of our work centers around improving maternal, newborn and child health, female reproductive health and family planning particularly prevention of STDs and HIV/AIDS. We partner with local and federal health authorities to implement new programs or support and monitor existing ones.

I also supervise and monitor the implementation of the maternal, newborn child health week(MNCHW) for the National Primary Health Care Development Agency of Nigeria(NPHCDA)
MNCHW is a biannual program championed by the NPHCDA, Federal Ministry of Health and other stakeholders in Nigeria to provide evidence based and high impact services such as immunization for infants and children, adminstration of vitamin A and deworming medications to children, encouraging pregnant mothers to obtain prenatal care by trained health care providers and health education on hand washing, breast feeding, STD/HIV prevention. The MNCHW activities are geared towards positioning Nigeria to achieve MDGs 4 and 5 come 2015 and beyond.

Obtaining an MPH in maternal and Child Health to is my next professional goal. I would like to take on modules for STDs and HIV prevention particularly mother to child prevention.

I identify with nurses and midwives and advocate for improved quality of education for those in poor resource settings.

Thank you for your time.

Adanze Aguwa MD,BS,RN,NRM

When you feel that you have reached the end and that you cannot go one step further, when life seems to be drained of all purpose; What a wonderful opportunity to start all over again, to turn over a new page. — Eileen Caddy

We will continue to overcome!

Sarah Iribarren Replied at 11:43 AM, 7 Dec 2012

Hi to all,
Thank you all for sharing your exciting and interesting ways you all have applied nursing in global health. I am currently a nursing PhD candidate and have a certificate of Global Health from the school of Family Medicine. I have been interested in global health for some time. When I was completing my biology degree I wanted to study a year abroad and selected a program in Ecuador focused on environmental and health issues of Latin America. I volunteered for part of the time in a rural clinic which had two local female physicians trained in western medicine and the option to see a medicine man or a local midwife and a dentist all within the same facility. I also helped out in the nearby small hospital. I was able to help by driving a small truck which others could not to local villages to provide vaccines or basic checks. I witnessed births, wound care and many other issues which ultimately lead me to nursing to be able to be better trained with the intent of continuing to be involved in international collaborative work.

Since then I have been to: Mexico border with Shriners, Ghana through a school participatory action research and a year in Argentina as a Fogarty International Clinical Research Scholar which ultimately lead to continued collaboration with TB experts and regional TB director to conduct a study supported by an NRSA grant. We conducted a randomized controlled pilot study using SMS (text messaging) to maintain contact with patient receiving TB treatment by self-administration (common tx strategy there), provide education and support. I just returned from presenting at the mHealth Summit conference in DC. It is very exciting to see how technology is being applied to bridge many of the gaps in global health. Undoubtedly, we will see a big shift in a short time in implementing new technology but good research will have to accompany it to assure that they have the outcome that many 'assume' that they will have.

I have to finish analysis and writing and we have to figure out a way to expand the study and apply to a larger population. Additionally I have to decide what direction I can go after completing PhD in order to stay involved and continue in global health initiatives and research. I am always open to suggestions!

Janet A DEWAN PhD CRNA Replied at 10:42 AM, 8 Dec 2012

Short bio introduction for Janet Dewan MS PhDc CRNA

I am a nurse anesthetist, clinician and educator.I currently teach in the graduate nursing program at Northeastern University and work per diem as a clinical anesthetist. I have worked as a short term clinician, instructor and researcher in Africa since 1974! Until recently my experiences were in West Africa, delivering and teaching anesthesia, primarily in Niger and Cameroun. I am currently on the medical board of a small NGO, International Organization for Women and Development. Our team focus is on repair of obstetric injuries but mine is improving anesthesia care for mothers and babies. Our current project takes us to Rwanda 3x/year. I get to teach clinically and formally at the kigali Health Institute Anesthetists Program. I have also previously served on the Massachusetts Board of Nursing for 9 years and Massachusetts Med Board Patient Care Assessment Committee for 5. My research interests involve health and human rights and the role nurses play in realization of the right to health. I learn a great deal from the contributions of others on GHonline nursing and anesthesia /surgery and I'm pleased to be part of this group.

Cheralyn McKee Replied at 6:23 PM, 8 Dec 2012

This is cool. You all are so inspiring!
My name is Cheralyn. I am an African-American; but, before you imagine someone with beautiful dark skin, I have to admit that I am rather white, and by rather I mean very (it is winter here in Boston). I was born in Senegal, and lived there for 15 of my 23 years. Living between worlds opened my eyes to the disparities that I am passionate about changing. I can see I am in great company!
I am a BSN-prepared nurse attending MGH Institute of Health Professions in Boston to become a family nurse practitioner. To quote Unarose Hogan (above): "I firmly believe quality education for nurses and midwives throughout the world has the potential to transform health care and health outcomes." I agree! That's why my dream is to catalyze a qualified team to develop an accredited nursing program somewhere rural in sub-Saharan Africa. I was thinking I would start in Senegal because it's a home to me, but it depends on which Ministry of Health envisions something like this, too, and which organization sends me.
Of course, I have a lot of studying to do. My trajectory includes gaining experience as an NP, teaching in a nursing school, attending Institut de Médecine Tropicale in Belgium to study tropical disease and international health, and a MPH/DPH somewhere down the road. I am also learning to fly, figuring it would be handy for emergencies and travel to remote areas. Very, very excited, and grateful to the many people whose shoulders I have stood and am standing on to achieve these goals.
Keep up the good work, everyone!

"Together Everyone Achieves More"

Jan Holzhauer Replied at 9:06 AM, 9 Dec 2012

My name is Jan Holzhauer and I am a pediatric clinical nurse specialist
with a focus on education. I spent the majority of my US career working at
two children’s hospitals, including teaching clinicals for schools of
nursing. I have worked on very short term projects in Mexico, Costa Rica
and the Dominican Republic. I have been to Haiti ten times since 1983. In
the past couple of years, I have more intensively studied Haitian Creole,
and have found that needing help with the language ensures that I am always
seen as a learner as well as a teacher! During October I worked with
Partners in Health with the pediatric nursing staff at a public hospital in

I feel that the combination of very experienced nurses, young enthusiastic
ones and committed parents/caregivers creates a force for change like no
other. I have greatly appreciated being part of GHD and learning from all
of you.

*I live in a very small house but my windows look out on a very large world

deborah van dyke Replied at 10:32 PM, 9 Dec 2012

reply contents: short bio introduction for Deborah Van Dyke, NP, MPH

I’m a family nurse practitioner, trainer, and humanitarian aid project coordinator. I’ve worked internationally since 1989—most often with MSF/Doctors Without Borders—in Asia and Africa.

I founded Global Health Media Project a few years ago to produce new media for frontline health workers. We are working on a newborn care series of 35 videos that we film on location in the developing world. We have 10 finished, 12 more in postproduction and plan to finish the series this next year along with our new initiative of several videos around the normal birth experience. We also produced The Story of Cholera, an animation to teach people in cholera-affected regions about transmission and prevention.

The videos are meant to be complementary training tools, useful in every phase of training and able to be kept by health workers on mobile devices, as technology becomes more available. I see our videos as particularly useful for nurses, midwives and advanced practice clinicians though some will be adapted for CHW’s and mothers/caregivers.

I’m grateful for this on-line forum and learn a great deal from the contributions of all of you.

Deborah Van Dyke, Director
Global Health Media Project

Kaveri Mayra Replied at 12:27 AM, 10 Dec 2012

Hello everyone,

I am Kaveri Mayra. I am a nurse researcher by profession. I hold the position of a Research Associate in Public Health Foundation of India. I have a Bachelors in Nursing and Midwifery and a Masters in Public Health. I started my career as a Research Assistant in my country's only NGO which works keeping the nurses issues in the center, its called Academy for Nursing Studies and Women Empowerment Research Studies. I then worked as a Technical Advisor for ANM (Auxiliary Nurse Midwife) training with Jhpiego. My research work currently focuses on the Governance of Nursing. My other interest areas include Gender, Women Empowerment, Reproductive and Sexual health and Family Planning.

The discussions and comments i read in our groups page are very inspiring and i learn a lot from them. Very proud to be a part of this team.

Denise Ho Replied at 3:35 PM, 11 Dec 2012

It's a pleasure to meet everyone. I've thoroughly enjoyed learning about the variety of ways that nurses have influenced the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities all over the world. It's extremely inspiring! My name is Denise Ho. I graduated from McGill University in 2008, and have since been working at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto Canada. At SickKids, I work at the beside on the medicine/respiratory/infectious disease unit, and also work as a research nurse with the Division of Infectious Diseases. This past summer, I had the opportunity to complete an internship at Partner in Health. At PIH, I was mentored by Shelia Davis and Kathyrn Oas, who provided me with a truly wonderful learning experience. In moving forward, I will be working as a clinical instructor for first year nursing students in the winter semester, and then plan to seek opportunities to become more involved in global nursing initiatives.

Obi Peter Replied at 11:40 PM, 11 Dec 2012

Dear Deborah,
Ths is great work you have done, in Africa- especially Nigeria the maternal mortality keeps on increasing, that is the reason we have to join this community for see how we can change and impact lives of pregnant women and mothers here.

Nicola McHugh Replied at 6:40 AM, 12 Dec 2012

My name is Nicola McHugh. I am nurse with experience in education and research. I am now Project Coordinator for the Global Research Nurses' network, which is part of the Global Health network, based in Oxford. I would be delighted to hear from research nurses and nurses with an interest in research to know what we can do with the network to make it as effective as it can be!

KAREN OWUOR Replied at 2:29 AM, 13 Dec 2012

My name is Karen Owuor. I am Kenyan medical researcher at the Kenya Medical Research Institute/ Center for Global Health Research. I have a nursing background and i am interested in strengthening nurses capacity to do research. I will be happy to link up with other nurses who share my interest.

Kaveri Mayra Replied at 4:35 AM, 13 Dec 2012

Dear Karen and Nicola-I share your interest of capacity building of Nurses in research. Could you share a more about the projects you are involved in currently? whether its nursing related or not. Kaveri

Ralueke Ekezie Replied at 4:49 AM, 13 Dec 2012

Dear All,
As much as we share interests in research, I am of the opinion that the major challenge is how to groom new and young nurse researchers. In my country, their is no project like that for nurses and its a bad news.
I will love to work with nurse researchers network and be very active in the research field, but first, i need the RESEARCH KNOWLEDGE and a voluntary mentor. I am willing to work with anyone.
Finally i suggest that African Nurses here should come together, let us build an African nurses research Network or a sort.
I will follow up the discussion to find out how many are in support and or email me.
Ekezie, Ralueke

Dédamani Thomas SANWOGOU Replied at 8:47 AM, 13 Dec 2012

Thank you for the discussion

I'm  SANWOGOU Dédamani Thomas, I'm a nurse, specialist of educational science, and international health. I am Togolese.
I am honored to share with you on this panel.
I agree with the idea of Ralueke Ekezie that the research is essential for nurses. nurses are worked at the operational level of care, and operational research is of paramount importance. And nurses are best placed to operational research.
I support the idea that a team of Africannurses researchers. I propose to bring my modest contribution to this project. We can organize training for nurses who are interested by research. Following each should identify a research topic that interested. Accompaniment will then implement research initiatives until the publication of articles.

Best regards

SANWOGOU Dédamani Thomas
IDE, MD sciences de l'éducation
Secrétaire Exécutif du REEISAOF
Etudiant en master santé internationale
Université Senghor d'Alexandrie.
Tel. 00201142461547 (Egypte) /
0022890312325 (Togo)

Elizabeth Glaser Moderator Emeritus Replied at 10:02 AM, 13 Dec 2012

Karen, Lynet, and I informally worked together this summer when I was in Kenya working on another project. They do incredible work under sometimes very difficult constraints. Despite the conditions, they and their fellow nurses formed a nursing research committee that meets on a regular basis to look at issues amenable to being addressed by nursing research. I can only speak from my own experience, but despite any extra time it took me to do so, being able to meet with their group helped me get through other daily frustrations with my primary research over the summer. You guys helped me far more than anything I did for you. I am very glad that you have joined GHD online so you can talk with other nurses who share your hopes, values and goals.


Barbara Waldorf Moderator Emeritus Replied at 2:27 PM, 13 Dec 2012

Hi Nicola,

I would love to hear more about what you do as the Project Coordinator for
the Global Research Nurses' network. How did this start and what do you do
specifically? How are you involving nurses from different countries?

I am a founding member of the Global Nursing Caucus, which was started in
Boston, and am very curious to learn more from nurses working with global

Thank you,

Barbara Waldorf

*Barbara Waldorf BSN, MPH

Yolanda Ogbolu Replied at 7:32 AM, 14 Dec 2012

Hello Everyone,
My sincere thanks to everyone for setting the stage for new introductions. My career in global health started in 1998 in Northern Nigeria, when I was invited to teach neonatal resuscitation program(NRP) to nurses, physicians and midwives. These early experiences served as the catalyst to many others including obtaining my PhD and for my current role as Deputy Director of the Office of Global Health at the University of Maryland School of Nursing. My nursing background is as a neonatal nurse practitioner, and I worked for 23 years in the neonatal intensive care units in Baltimore. Similar to Maggie, I remain actively concerned about the health inequities in neonatal outcomes globally, including in Baltimore. Yet, recognizing that 98% of neonatal deaths occur in developing countries, I have dedicated my time and effort to improving neonatal care in low resource countries. On this journey, I have learned that a health system approach, rather than a disease specific approach, is needed in order to improve the lives of newborns. Over the last 4 years, I have been honored to work with nursing education and regulatory body leaders in West Africa in the development of collaborative nursing university partnerships, advance practice nursing curricula, and research examining the impact of the nurse practice environment and nurse staffing on neonatal outcomes and nurse reported quality of care in Nigeria.This site has been helpful in allowing me listen and learn from nurses around the world. I appreciate the shared knowledge and experiences and look forward to joining in on the conversations more in the future.
Best regards,
Yolanda Ogbolu, PhD, NP-Neonatal

Sally Snyder Replied at 7:48 AM, 3 May 2013

Greetings, I have enjoyed hearing about your global efforts to improve health care and outcomes! Please help me find a place to contribute. My early nursing career has included public and school health in Boston. Clinical Research has been my recent focus. I have monitored clinical trials in all therapeutic areas including devices for twenty years in the US and Kenya. As a Clinical Research Associate, CRA, I have contributed to protocol development, data collection, study implementation and training, source document review and problem solving. I am looking for a new challenge!

Jennifer Weitzel Replied at 12:00 AM, 4 May 2013

HI Sally,
I am co-founder and current chair of a small non-profit in Wisconsin. We are partnered with a clinic in Haiti and our current efforts our focused on providing continuing education to Haitian nurses - whether that be in person or via the internet. Would you be interested in helping us develop a curriculum around your areas of expertise? Please email us at:

Jennifer Weitzel, MS, RN

Jennifer Weitzel Replied at 12:01 AM, 4 May 2013

"are" not "our" - time to call it a day!

Fabian Musoro Replied at 10:00 AM, 22 Jul 2013

Special Greetings!
My name is Fabian Musoro, Zimbabwean Registered General Nurse & Registered Mental Health Nurse, currently studying towards BSc Nursing Education at a local University. I am glad to be motivated by women out there around the world who are making wonderful work. I am a young man, still very hungry to learn more about Global Health and share it here in Zimbabwe with other health professionals.

Enrique Castro Sanchez Replied at 10:49 AM, 22 May 2015


My name is Enrique Castro-Sánchez (originally from Spain but have been in the UK for 16 years, so I guess this is home for now...), and I am currently the Lead Research Nurse at the Health Protection Research Unit in Healthcare Associated Infection and Antimicrobial Resistance at Imperial College London (England, UK). Clinically, I am an advanced HIV nurse practitioner. I have completed an MPH and just submitted my PhD Nursing. I am focused on health communication and health literacy, as well as developing and evaluating new roles for nurses, particularly around antibiotic use.

In terms of global health, I will be in South Africa and Rwanda in June, learning precisely how nurses have embraced the management of HIV and TB autonomously, and see how we can transfer that to antibiotic use in the UK. I suppose it's fair to say that I would like to see an increased nursing presence and voice on political decision-making and greater activism about global inequalities, poverty etc...

Anyway, many thanks for letting me in, GHDonline is fantastic!

Kind regards


corina alba Replied at 11:38 AM, 22 May 2015

Hi Enrique. It´s very interesting your investigation. If once you want visit Mexico, an also if any other nurses involved in research want to visit Oaxaca, México for any particular interest related with your topic you are welcome¡We, as college of nursing in Universidad del Mar located in Puerto Escondido Oaxaca, México, are very interested in learn about global health and we can provide hosting in order to help and at the same time learn about our visitors.

Enrique Castro Sanchez Replied at 11:51 AM, 22 May 2015

Hi Corina,

Thank you ever so much for the kind reply and offer! The world is a small place, I spent some time in 2006 in your wonderful country, from DF, Teotihuacan, down to Puebla, Oaxaca, Escondido/Angel...

Would love to have a chance to do some case studies in Central and South America. Equally, would be delighted to have visiting researchers!

Kind regards,


corina alba Replied at 12:18 PM, 22 May 2015

I´am very excited to hear that you visited our country. In case you need more information I give you the link of our University
Thank you and hope to see you soon ¡ :)

Elizabeth Glaser Moderator Emeritus Replied at 2:39 PM, 22 May 2015

Welcome, Enrique!

Dianne Longson Replied at 12:16 AM, 23 May 2015

Welcome Enrique, to GHDonline; it is indeed fantastic. YOur packground and
areas of focus are very interesting.
I lived in Rwanda for several years, working predominantly as a nurse
educator and a nurse education consultant, as well as working in one of the
Kigali tertiary hospitals to assist with raising nursing standards and with
achieving international accreditation.
I am very interested in why ou chose that particular country in which to
gather your information. I hope you enjoy it there


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a

Andongabi Kenedy Abendong Replied at 5:15 AM, 25 May 2015

i just read through your profile in GHDonline i also read your works as you highlighted. my name is Andongabi Kenedy Abendong, a nurse by profession and currently doing a masters in Public Health. I am currently working with the Bamenda Center for Health Promotion and Research as a project Nurse for a TB reach Project sponsored by the Stop TB partnership. i am currently also laying down a foundation for a community organization, Named: Community Health Promotion and Rehabilitation initiative to go operational by January 2016. i don't Know if you will like to spread your tentacles to this part of Africa (Cameroon) in the central Africa sub region to contribute in the fight to provide quality health for all. I will like to have update on what you are currently working on

Best regards
A K Abendong

Carol Dawson Rose Replied at 2:59 PM, 25 May 2015

Dear Andongabi Kenedy ,

I would like to correspond with you directly. Please send me you email. Thank you so much.

Jonathan Foley Replied at 3:38 PM, 25 May 2015

Hey all,

I am very impressed and inspired by reading all of the above backgrounds! I am working as a nurse in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. I worked in education for at risk youth prior to pursuing nursing. I love what I do but my ultimate goal has always been to work in global health and I am seeking opportunities to serve abroad. Any advice about how to get into this field would be much appreciated!

Jonathan Foley

Andongabi Kenedy Abendong Replied at 3:10 AM, 26 May 2015

Dear Carol Dawson
Greetings from Cameroon. My email is . I will be waiting to read from you

Andongabi Kenedy Abendong Replied at 3:14 AM, 26 May 2015

Dear Carol Dawson
Greetings from Cameroon. My email is . I will be waiting to read from you
Best regards

Enrique Castro Sanchez Replied at 7:25 AM, 26 May 2015

Hi all,

Elizabeth, thank you! :-D

Dianne, thank you ever so much for your kind welcome. We have been working with the hospital in Butare, as part of a WHO Patient Safety Partnership, so I will visit them for the final data collection and report. I will also see the work of some community nurses, always with the ultimate goal of learning how they may be using antibiotics.

Andongabi, I would love to have the opportunity to map what goes on in other countries, and get a really accurate snapshot of nursing activity regarding antibiotic use. Funny enough, I attended an Infection Control African Network conference last year, to identify nurses in as many countries as possible, but did not manage to meet anybody from Cameroon. Would be very happy to link up with you.

Kind regards,


Andongabi Kenedy Abendong Replied at 10:24 AM, 26 May 2015

Hello Castro, i am more than willing to link up with you as you wish. my email is on my previous post. you can sent to me your email as well so i can mail you and we begin from there.
Best regards

Marie Josee MUKAGENDANEZA Replied at 8:49 AM, 17 Mar 2016

Hello, I am happy to join this community I am registered nurse in Rwanda working in Rwanda neurosurgical center.

Naphtal Nyirimanzi Replied at 9:38 AM, 17 Mar 2016

You are welcome.
We are waiting to share experiences from your neurosurgical career.

janella Solomon Replied at 1:14 AM, 24 Sep 2017

Hi all,

I am Janella. I work as a Paediatric registrar in the Solomon Islands (Pacific Ocean). I am glad to join this community and am looking forward to learning from experts in this forum.

kind regards,


Monique Germain Moderator Replied at 7:56 PM, 25 Sep 2017

Welcome, Janella!

Monique Germain Moderator Replied at 12:33 PM, 26 Sep 2017

Welcome, Janella!