Trends of Documentation in Nursing Practices and Technological Advances

By Ralueke Ekezie | 28 Aug, 2014

An extract from an Article written by Nurses Round.
Nursing as well as other healthcare groups has evolved from the early day practice to the modern way of practice and documentation in nursing is one area where there has been evidence in drastic changes.

In the early 70’s till 80’s nursing practice documentation, though has been an area of emphasis and a seriously monitored part of nursing practice was all paper and pen documentation questioning the future of data storage and protection in the profession. Lose of patient’s data, alteration and cancellations leads to the quest for new modern and trends of documentation of nursing activities in the wards, clinics, nursing events, the administrative settings and most importantly the patients care data.

Evolution has occurred in not only the way data are being collected and documented, but also the manner of storage. With the discovering of Tele-nursing and electronic data storage system though seldom used in the developing world as a result of poor infrastructure development or provision of facilities to the health workers, nursing generally has enjoyed streams of success in the area of electronic data management and storage.
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