UptoDate for Schools of Nursing?

By Elizabeth Glaser Moderator Emeritus | 03 Oct, 2018

I was wondering if the moderators could comment and/or assist on this , but also thought it raised points that might be of relevance for the greater GHD Nursing and Midwifery community.

GHD offers subscriptions to UpToDate , an evidence based resource. To qualify applicants must:

 1. Be a physician, surgeon, nurse, physician's assistant, or medical student outside of the U.S.
2.Volunteer/work for a public or non-profit entity.
3.Have at least intermittent Internet access.
4.Be able to complete the application in English.
5.Explain how your work directly aligns with our program aim.
6.Verify that neither you nor your institution can afford UpToDate.

Why aren't any nursing students or programs in nursing covered under this program?
If UpToDate covered only bachelors or higher degree programs in nursing/midwifery in LMIC it still would be a great resource to a number of students or faculty that very much need access to pertinent information for training in clinical care, advanced practice nursing, and to inform the design of practice improvement projects.

For example Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) has schools of nursing but no medical school; Lesotho, too, may have a somewhat similar situation. In such health systems, care is very much nurse driven. For example the University of Swaziland has a graduate Family Nurse Practitioner program to facilitate provision of primary care in lieu of physicians. While RNs in such graduate programs might qualify for access to UpToDate as individuals, it is on a case by case basis.

Why are nursing students or schools of nursing not eligible for UpToDate?
Would GHD allow select nursing programs to get institutional access?

Are members of the GHD Nursing community aware that they may be eligible to use UpToDate ?
Have members of the GHD Nursing community applied to use this resource?
How was your experience?
If are you just learning about this resource or already have access do you or would you find use of an evidence based clinical resource useful for:
(1) your practice
(2)nursing students
(3) post graduate nursing students
(4) nursing school faculty




Melissa Cox Replied at 1:49 AM, 3 Oct 2018

It would be worth asking if nursing students are eligible , might just be an oversight.

On the UpToDate website https://www.uptodate.com/home/uptodate-donations-program , they state they provide access to institutions and individuals. There is a list of recipients and it shows that there is one institutional membership in Swaziland and several individual ones.

Does EBSCO donate subscriptions to CINAHL Complete or Full-text to schools of nursing in poor countries? Might be more useful for students than uptodate.

Elizabeth Glaser Moderator Emeritus Replied at 6:50 AM, 3 Oct 2018

GHD is an access point for nurses and midwives to communicate and link to resources on practice.

GHD kindly offers an evidence based practice resource, UpToDate, for eligible nurses, physicians, med students, and physicians in training from selected countries and institutions but does not offer access to UpToDate for nursing students, nurses in training, or nursing institutions from similar settings and countries.

My question was focused on whether GHD could reconsider its position, so to allow selected BSN or post graduate nursing/midwifery programs in low or middle income settings to benefit from using UptoDate .

Monique Germain Moderator Replied at 8:20 AM, 3 Oct 2018

Thank you for raising such an important issue. I am coordinating a nurse midwifery and FNP program in Haiti. I would love to encourage the nurses to access the site and learn. Thanks for the link.

Maggie Sullivan Moderator Replied at 4:23 PM, 27 Oct 2018

This is a good question and one which GHDonline has attempted to address through partnering with UpToDate. Subscriptions to educational institutions (including medical schools) is very small as the target population (for this donation) is practitioners. However, there may be other types of educational/learning tools offered in the future relevant to students. To see if you are eligible for a free subscription, please go here: https://www.globalhealthdelivery.org/uptodate

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