Can my patient understand the education I have provided ?

By Thomas Bauer Moderator | 17 Jan, 2017

As healthcare professionals we have learned a new language ( medical terminology) and have become proficient in its use. During my work in creating easy for patients to understand materials I have found the Readability Calculator ( ) to be a wonderful method to apply the science of health literacy to many documents. This tool calculates the Coleman Liau index, Flesch Kincaid Grade Level, ARI (Automated Readability Index) and SMOG. In addition this tool highlights sentences that have an opportunity for improvement.

Once the tool has been used I can easily revise the document or share the results with the authors for their revisions.

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Evelyne MUKAKABANO Replied at 1:39 PM, 17 Jan 2017

The highest satisfaction in my work is when I coop with the client

A/Prof. Terry HANNAN Replied at 4:01 PM, 17 Jan 2017

Tom, this is an interesting exercise with new and therefore interesting output measurements. My first test using a Radiology produced data and information that I need to process. Trans-professional-consumer literacy is a big issue so this will be fun to play with. Terry

Michal Waga Replied at 12:34 AM, 18 Jan 2017


Thank you so much for sharing this. Very useful!


Beatrice Mwagomba Replied at 12:42 AM, 18 Jan 2017

Thanks alot Thomas for sharing the tool.

Dr Beatrice Lydia Matanje Mwagomba (MSc, MBBS);
PHD fellow;
Comorbidity of NCDs & Alcohol Use Disorders in Malawi: Validation of the AUDIT;
Joint Program in Global Health Implementation;
College of Medicine, Malawi
& University of St Andrews, Scotland

Prem Sigdel Replied at 4:56 AM, 25 Jan 2017

Thanks for sharing, great

Fiagbe Kwame Replied at 12:00 PM, 12 Feb 2017

This are the strategies I use to educate or counsel my clients...
1.I access their knowledge about the subject matter or issues at hand.

2.I analyze what they have said in relation to the subject matter.

3.i finally take action, there by counseling them.

I do this through, support group or action oriented.
And I have really achieved the impact I needed.
And I'm grateful I did.