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Lack of jobs in Global Health

By nohemie mawaka | 22 Dec, 2016

Happy holidays everyone!
I am a masters of public health graduate, within the global health concentration, and I graduated this past May in Vancouver (Canada). I have been actively job hunting since May,and I have sent over 40 online job applications, and only got three interviews and no job offer.

Although I have over five years of cell-to-population HIV experience from Canada to Sub-Saharan Africa, program monitoring and evaluation, and stakeholder engagement, I have been unable to get a job. I sadly realized that online job applications has less than 20% success rate, at least from what I've heard and seen. I cannot volunteer or work for free, financially it's not feasible. As a Canadian citizen, it has been challenging to get american jobs (largest global health offices), because companies don't want to pay visa sponsor fees.

I'm going into the new year with optimism, and will do my best to focus more on networking, and not rely so much on online job applications. To document my journey and share my public health knowledge, I have started a Youtube channel to inspire young professionals like myself, feel free to subscribe to my channel:

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Florence Tushemerirwe Replied at 10:18 AM, 22 Dec 2016

That is a great step ahead. You will get a job. When God created you, He
made provisions for you. You just have to demand of the world what belongs
to you.

In the UK, you get above 20 rejections before getting a job. The more
interviews you attend the better you get. Ask for feedback from the panels
to better yourself.

Gabriella korosi Replied at 10:21 AM, 22 Dec 2016

I agree with you that is difficult to find a job. I am a nurse in the US.
Half way through my PhD in public health, havving difficulty getting a job
started in the public health system.

Thomas Bauer Moderator Replied at 10:47 AM, 22 Dec 2016

This is a burgeoning topic. I would like to wish you luck to your job search.

Pranab Chatterjee Replied at 3:40 PM, 22 Dec 2016

Wish you all the very best Nohemie. If you are interested in working in
India, keep an eye on this: and check out the work with us


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Rashard Rabsatt Replied at 4:35 PM, 22 Dec 2016


After viewing your video, I wanted to say thank you and also acknowledge how brave you were for sharing your current job search frustration. As an MPH student myself, I appreciate your advice on mastering a skill and/or concentration to supplement the MPH degree. Please see the links below as the CDC are opening their application process for the Public Health Associate Program and the Global Health Corps as well. These positions are paid and I believe it will serve as a way to connect with other experienced global health professionals given your experience.

Best Wishes,


Damon Schneider Replied at 4:45 PM, 22 Dec 2016

Check out the WHO. They seem to have many openings that are PH related. Good luck!

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Emmanuel Benyeogor Replied at 12:30 AM, 23 Dec 2016

Wow I'd follow. Thanks for the feedback.

nohemie mawaka Replied at 8:18 PM, 25 Dec 2016

Thanks everyone for the support/input and feedback, I am hopefully for 2017.

Meery christmas!

Gabriella korosi Replied at 8:36 PM, 25 Dec 2016

Happy Holidays to you:)

Sherine Shawki Replied at 2:18 PM, 26 Dec 2016

Happy Holidays Nohemia and happy holidays everyone ,
I share the same problem with you Nohemia . I am an Egyptian . I earned Masters of Public Health from University of Liverpool in 2012. Since then , I have been job hunting with no success. I thought this was because Egypt was a country of limited resources and limited employment opportunities . I was eager not to waste the knowledge I acquired so I looked for volunteering jobs , but I couldn't find any. I never thought that people in developed countries as Canada would share the same problem .
I believe that all public health professionals share the same interest in improving the global health , so I hope one day there would be online public health jobs so that we could help in improving public health in another needy place in the world even if we don't live there .
This brings me to a question :" Could we contribute in improving public health by providing researches ( as volunteers ) to public health centers around the world " ?
Thank you so much

Meseret Desta Haileyesus(SMW,BSC,MPH) Replied at 10:19 PM, 26 Dec 2016

Thanks for bring our attention to this important issue. I would suggest you to network and volunteer to non profit organization. It's funny the system here in Canada is not inviting unless if you are Bilingual. If you speak French, you may get hired with most internationAl Humanitarian org since they based in Capital city. It's really sucks and frustrating. Try to build strong connection with agencies, that is the only thing I found for my self. There are more than 50 organization in ottawa working in low income countries but they will not hire people if you are not bilingual. Don't give up and stay connected with UN agencies. I really application the YouTube Vedio, which is informative. Hope it encourage young professionals like me.
Wish you all the best

nohemie mawaka Replied at 11:59 PM, 26 Dec 2016

Thank you @Sherine @Meseret for your input. Interestingly enough @Meseret , I'm fluently bilingual both in French and English. As a congolese born, yet canadian citizen, I am lucky enough to speak both languages, yet I am still struggling to find a job. I have noticed that Ottawa international development jobs hardly hire this year, and very few are global health focus.

@Sherine Being a Canadian citizen is a bit of a disadvantage only because, Canada doesn't fund that many 'global health' initiatives that are large scale, its largely americans and some europeans (Swiss), from what I have noticed. Americans prioritize jobs for their own citizens, which is fair, and low-income countries are not limiting expats, which is also fair. For someone like me who would like to work for the Gates foundation, GAVI, Global Fund, I am finding it impossible getting jobs with those guys. I have tried reaching out to smaller scale agencies like 'Grand Challenges' (minuscule Canadian version of the Gates foundation), they either want you to have over 10 years of experience with a PhD or you need to be connected in order to get hired.

Like I said previously, volunteering for nonprofits is great, but financially it is not feasible with accumulated student debt loans. Plus, nonprofit organizations hardly hire because they do not have enough funds, and they have a high turn over of staff because of insufficient funds, these are the reality of working in public health. At this rate, I may have to explore working for the private sector, although its not my primary choice of work, its the reality that I am facing.

Eben Afarikumah Replied at 10:55 AM, 27 Dec 2016

I want to start off from your last sentence..... At this rate, I may have to explore working for the private sector, although its not my primary choice of work, its the reality that I am facing.

The job search is not a destination. please try the private sector too. with your experience there, you can land a public job. all the best.

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This community is no longer active as of December 2018. Thanks to those who posted here and made this information available to others visiting the site.