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Panelists of Preventing Maternal Hemorrhage: The Case of Nigeria and Tools that Can Save Lives and GHDonline staff

This Expert Panel examined the personal reflections, challenges, patient stories and experiences of frontline providers dealing with maternal hemorrhage around the world.

Discussion Briefs

Maternal Hemorrhage: Continuing Challenges and Strategies that Can Save Lives

Postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) is the most common obstetric complication and the leading cause of maternal mortality worldwide.1 Mortality from PPH is disproportionately concentrated in Africa and Asia, where it accounts for 30% of all maternal deaths. Deaths from PPH are largely preventable with timely diagnosis and appropriate medical care, yet many developing nations face significant challenges to delivering the care that could be life saving to millions of women.2

Through this Expert Panel, frontline providers from around the world shared personal reflections, challenges, patient stories and experiences dealing with maternal hemorrhage. The conversation focused predominantly on Nigeria, which comprises 2% of the world's population but disproportionately has 10% of the global burden of maternal deaths.3 The panel also discussed important prevention and management strategies, particularly the use of misoprostol to manage PPH and the active management of the 3rd stage of labor.4 Finally, the discussion provided useful resources, tools, and technologies that providers and programs can use to improve care delivery to women around the world.
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