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[ARCHIVED] Innovating Health Care Delivery

Who Are Patient Portals Really For?

Marie Teichman - July 30, 2015
Hi everyone, Here is an interesting article on the creation of patient portals and the need for more user-friendly interfaces. What do you think are the most important factors for patients using th...
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[ARCHIVED] Quality & Safety

Providers and Patient Experience

Lindsay Jubelt - Dec. 2, 2014
In the recent Journal of General Internal Medicine (JGIM), Rebecca Anhang Price and colleagues address common critiques of patient experience measures. Here are the seven criticisms they identify: ...
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[ARCHIVED] Quality & Safety

Should Patient Satisfaction Be a Measure of Quality?

Thomas Tsai - July 15, 2014
Patient experience has recently come under fire as a quality metric in health care. Critics argue that its inclusion as a key measure of hospital quality is driving hospitals to have the wrong priorit...
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