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[ARCHIVED] Young Professionals Chronic Disease Network

Sustainable Healthcare and Agricultural Growth

Adam Tracy - Feb. 5, 2015
Global Healthcare Innovators, Agriculture is predicted to be one of the greatest opportunities for growth in emerging markets. ( Can this opportunity be used...
agriculture disease burden global health care delivery
[ARCHIVED] Population Health

Population Health Data and Interventions in Sub-Saharan Africa

Juliet Laverley - Nov. 19, 2014
Does anyone have recent incidence rate data for West Africa they can share? Would like to look at the top 5 disease in the region (prior to Ebola outbreak) Population Health Data and Interventions in ...
disease burden morbidity Urban Settings
[ARCHIVED] Young Professionals Chronic Disease Network

Nomination solicitation: Roux Prize for turning evidence into health impact

Katherine Leach-Kemon - Jan. 23, 2014
Dear all, I am writing to let you know about the Roux Prize, a new US$100,000 award recently launched by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) to recognize individuals or groups wh...
cancer Depression Diabetes disease burden Epilepsy Global Burden of Disease Heart Disease Lung Disease mental health Nutrition Obesity prevention Tobacco Control
[ARCHIVED] Non-Communicable Diseases

Chronic non-communicable diseases

Sarah Arnquist - Feb. 23, 2011
Chronic non-communicable diseases Arnquist Sarah
cardiovascular disease Diabetes disease burden