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WHO launches new website on: Laboratory and in vitro diagnostics.

Madhukar Pai - Nov. 23, 2018
Hi All, WHO has just launched a dedicated web page that harmonizes all IVDs information available on the WHO website. This is a complement to the WHO Essential Diagnostics List. The EDL secretar...
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Multicopy apmlification targets

Ranjan Perera - July 17, 2018
dear experts, what are the multicopy amplification targets in expert ultra? how do they improve the sensitivity of the assay? do they reduce the specificity of the assay? Multicopy apmlification...
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KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation is looking for a Senior Consultant Laboratory Service

Madhukar Pai - Feb. 14, 2018
KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation is looking for a Senior Consultant Laboratory Services. Duty station: The Hague, The Netherlands More info:
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Establishing Ebola Virus Disease diagnostics at a mobile laboratory in Liberia

Madhukar Pai - Jan. 8, 2018
Please see this new paper in PLoS NTDs, which describes the implementation of the Xpert Ebola Assay, a rapid molecular diagnostic test run on the GeneXpert platform, at a mobile laboratory in Liberia ...
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Preparing clinical laboratories for future pandemics

Madhukar Pai - May 15, 2017
This is an interest blog post, of relevance to our community. URL:
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Project management: importance for diagnostic laboratories

Madhukar Pai - May 10, 2017
This new paper seems like a helpful article for our lab colleagues. Summary The constraints applied on diagnostic laboratories to improve both quality and productivity together with personal sho...
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Framework of indicators and targets for laboratory strengthening under the End TB Strategy

WHO recently published a useful framework to assist with the planning of laboratory network systems in view of the objectives of the End TB strategy by 2030:
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TB laboratory diagnosis- Drug sensitivity testing without AST carriers

Ranjan Perera - Sept. 4, 2016
In our laboratory we do not use AST carriers. We incubate our DSTs for 17 days due to a few very slow growing strains noticed in the past. But we experience lot of discrioencies between GeneXpert and ...
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[ARCHIVED] Ebola Response

Role for Theranos?

Robert Cannon - Sept. 20, 2014
Is there a potential role for using Theranos technology for certain blood tests in the evaluation and care of Ebola patients because it does not require venipuncture and requires only very small amoun...
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Updated Toolkit for Managing the HIV & AIDS and Laboratory Supply Chains Now Available

Anne Marie Hvid - May 21, 2013
As part of Global Health Month, the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT joins USAID in highlighting HIV and AIDS prevention and treatment efforts. The project’s updated CD toolkit, Resources for Managing the HIV ...
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Handling a major bioharzadous spill in a TB laboratory.

shebba Musonda - Sept. 22, 2010
I would like to find out how others handle major spills and breakages in their laboratories. In this how would you handle a spill of waste generated during the process of TB specimen decontamination o...
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