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[ARCHIVED] Population Health

Winter Impacts on NHS performance - How can this be monitored?

Holly Barry - Feb. 6, 2017
BBC Health reports this morning that 9 in 10 hospitals were considered "overcrowded" this winter as patients took the time to write to the broadcasting company about their chaotic experience in hospit...
community disrupting healthcare England Healthcare healthcare innovation Hospitals NHS nursing shortage patient access winter pressures
[ARCHIVED] Innovating Health Care Delivery

Who Are Patient Portals Really For?

Marie Teichman - July 30, 2015
Hi everyone, Here is an interesting article on the creation of patient portals and the need for more user-friendly interfaces. What do you think are the most important factors for patients using th...
healthcare innovation Health IT patient access Patient Experience patient portals Systems Innovations Technology user interface
[ARCHIVED] Quality & Safety

Patient access: can it improve quality and reduce costs?

Marie Connelly - June 10, 2015
There's an interesting conversation happening over in the Costs of Care community that I think will be of great interest to many of our members here:
patient access