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WHO seeks requests for proposal - business case for end-user quality control materials for IVDs used in low resource settings

Anita Sands - June 14, 2018
WHO is looking for a person to work under an agreement for performance of work to develop the business case for production and supply of quality control materials for end-users of IVDs to use to monit...
post-market surveillance quality Quality Assurance Quality control at point of care quality improvement
[ARCHIVED] Quality & Safety

Retail Clinics and Healthcare Costs and Quality

William Martinez - March 31, 2016
What are your thoughts about the rising number of retail clinics? Have you or your patients used them? Recently, I've been noticing more retail clinics and more patients using them. The positive...
cost of care policy quality Research Value Based Care
[ARCHIVED] Quality & Safety

Readmissions Revisited... Again

William Martinez - Jan. 28, 2016
Recent article in Health Affairs attempts to account the factors that influence differences in readmission rates between safety net hospitals and other hospital. It uses a series of regression models...
quality readmissions Social Determinants of Health
[ARCHIVED] Quality & Safety

Hitting the targets, but missing the point: Is Measurement Failing Doctors?

William Martinez - Jan. 25, 2016
A nice piece by Dr. Bob Wachter in the NY Times about how measurement can do more harm than good. The article points out the unanticipated consequences of the over emphasis on measurement and unprove...
EHR measurement quality
[ARCHIVED] Quality & Safety

Are Patients Less Satisfied When Docs Use Computers During Visits?

William Martinez - Nov. 30, 2015
Interesting study in JAMA Internal Medicine found that docs who entered data in the EHR during appointments did less positive communicating and patients rated their care lower. An accompanying ed...
EHR patient satisfaction quality
[ARCHIVED] Quality & Safety

More on Rating Doctors: Will the Surgeon Scorecard Increase Quality?

William Martinez - Sept. 11, 2015
The surgeon scorecard, based on Medicare claims data, provides complication rates of 17,000 surgeons for eight procedures. Statistical techniques are used to adjust for the complexity and underlying h...
policy quality
[ARCHIVED] Innovating Health Care Delivery

Live Web Event: Innovation in Health Care Leadership

Marie Teichman - Aug. 18, 2015
Hi all, Here is some information about an upcoming free web event hosted by the Harvard Business Review and NEJM Group that will be discussing Care Redesign: Creating the Future of Care Delivery on...
affordability care delivery conference events free harvard business review New England Journal of Medicine quality team based care web based
[ARCHIVED] Technology for Patient Engagement

Patient medication safety in hard to reach communities in Uganda using SMS

Joshua Wamboga - Dec. 17, 2014
Idea submitted by: Joshua Wamboga Unsafe medications and unsafe use of medications are increasingly becoming a problem in Uganda. Patients continue to be harmed or lose lives and it has led to incr...
Adherence Patient Communication Patient Safety Population Health Management quality SMS
[ARCHIVED] Quality & Safety

What can we learn from the first US case of Ebola?

William Martinez - Oct. 3, 2014
Let's try that again with less typos... The recent diagnostic error involving Ebola in Texas illustrates several of challenges in quality and safety. Despite having implemented a checklist to sc...
Diagnostic Error ebola EHR Patient Safety quality
Health IT

Transferring records

Aaron Beals - Sept. 25, 2014
One of the moderators in the Quality & Safety community asked a question that I think some folks here could weigh in on. Can some of you share your thoughts with William?
[ARCHIVED] Quality & Safety

Technology and Quality

William Martinez - Sept. 12, 2014
This week I was reminded of the some of the peculiar realities of "modern" medicine in the US. A colleague of mine was telling me of one of his patients who presented to the emergency room of a neigh...
HIT Patient Safety quality
[ARCHIVED] Quality & Safety

"Medicare Star Ratings Allow Nursing Homes to Game the System"

Sudip Bhandari - Aug. 25, 2014
I want to share this worrisome article that brings to light some flaws in a federal quality assessment tool which uses star ratings to rank nursing homes in the United States. The article includes a f...
aca evidence impact assessment medicare quality Research
[ARCHIVED] Quality & Safety

the role of coaching to accelerate and sustain quality

Lisa Hirschhorn - July 6, 2014
We have known for a while that didactic training alone can not lead to sustainable improvements. There is growing evidence in practice (and the literature) that on-site mentoring or coaching can help ...
clinical care coaching mentorship quality
[ARCHIVED] Quality & Safety

Hospital Visit Rate After Outpatient Surgery -- Meaningful Quality Metric?

Thomas Tsai - June 26, 2014
Medicare is considering measuring the hospitalization rate (e.g. admission/readmission/ED visit) following routine outpatient surgery as a metric of ambulatory surgical quality. What are your thought...
ambulatory medicare outpatient policy quality Research Surgery
[ARCHIVED] Quality & Safety

Change of practice results in improved quality of care

Bistra Zheleva - April 17, 2014
I have a request of the community. Recently I was talking to someone about how providing training to health care providers cannot be directly linked to improved health outcomes but rather to improved ...
evidence health outcomes policy quality Research Training
[ARCHIVED] Costs of Care

RWJF G+ Hangout on Price Transparency

Marie Connelly - Dec. 4, 2013
I just signed up for this event - I suspect it may be of interest to many of our members here in the Costs of Care community as well, so wanted to post the details in case others are interested in joi...
Costs of Care quality transparency