Primary Surgery Trauma Volume 2

By Chris Dodgion | 07 Apr, 2010

"This is a detailed resource of trauma treatment methods designed mainly for hospitals in the developing world, but any practitioner who is not a trauma specialist will find it useful."

Thanks to GTZ and the German Society for Tropical Surgery, this is available free online.

For pdf chapter downloads go to

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desmond anachunam Replied at 8:49 AM, 4 Jun 2016

I cannot download the primary surgery volume 2 , was told am not authorised .someone help please.

Simon Stock Replied at 10:07 AM, 4 Jun 2016

Where are you trying to download it from and where are you based?

Try this link:

Sylvie NIYIGENA Replied at 7:45 AM, 2 Jan 2017

Even for me too. It is difficult downloading. No access to pdf file.

Godfrey Sunday Thompson Replied at 5:39 PM, 2 Jan 2017

I am in Burundi. It refused downloading.

Goutam Chowdhury Replied at 1:33 AM, 3 Jan 2017

I am practicing in Botswana . I missed the link . How I can download it

Gary Parkes Replied at 5:39 AM, 3 Jan 2017

A problem downloading in Nepal too. Is there any way around the issue?

Michael Cotton Replied at 4:41 AM, 4 Jan 2017

We apologize for the difficulties downloading Primary Surgery volume 2
(Trauma). This has been caused by the renewing of the German Tropical
Surgeons' (DTC) website.

Thank you to Rishi Rattan for providing a link.

Kindly note that Primary Surgery volume 1 (Non-Trauma) has been entirely
revised, and the new edition is available freeonline through Global Help at:

A new edition of volume 2 is obviously needed and plans are afoot to
achieve this; interested specialists are welcome to offer their services.

Editor-in-Chief, Primary Surgery.

Prem Sigdel Replied at 4:49 AM, 14 Jan 2017

Could not download, please help...