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Pediatric Anesthesia Educational Resources

by Matt Kynes

Hi Everyone, the Society for Pediatric Anesthesia Committee for International Education and Service (SPACIES) has revamped it's pediatric lecture series. After filling out a short survey, an expanding list of peer-reviewed lectures related to topics in pediatric anesthesia are available to download for free. The lecture site can be accessed ... read more

Updated: 12 Jul, 2017
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Keen to support anaesthesia in Cambodia?

by Suzi Nou

The Cambodian Society of Anaesthesiology, Critical Care and Emergency Medicine are hosting their first ever international meeting: the 20th ASEAN Congress of Anaesthesiology. This biannual event is the premier meeting for anaesthesiologists in SE Asia. They need our support! Delegates, sponsors and poster presentations are all requested. Each one will ... read more

Updated: 11 Jul, 2017
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Closing the Global Surgery & Anesthesia community and words of appreciation

by GHDonline Team

Dear Global Surgery & Anesthesia community members, Thank you for being a member of the Global Surgery & Anesthesia community on GHDonline. We’re proud that 3,500+ of you have engaged in over 350 discussions, ranging from topics such as challenges of surgical training and non-physician anesthesia provider models in resource-limited ... read more

Updated: 10 Jul, 2017
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Surgical Clinical Officer w/ PIH in Sierra Leone Needed

by Sarah Greenberg

Partners In Health in Sierra Leone is looking for a new surgeon to join the team as a Surgical Clinical Officer. This person will work with local district health authorities at the Koidu Government Hospital and the surrounding heath centers/community in clinical care delivery, health system strengthening, training, education and ... read more

Updated: 10 Jul, 2017
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tibial plateau fracture

Robert Goodman replied

History: You need to know if the patient was a passenger in vehicle or on motorcycle, or was he a pedestrian. Answer helps in determining the severity of the injury. Physical: Is the knee unstable, open wound, crepitus, distal neuro-vascular compromise? X-rays of knee: are fractures displaced? Are joint surfaces ... read more

Updated: 19 Jun, 2017
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Hiw to make a TurtleVac!

Jessica Hirschhorn replied

An adapter probably the best solution. Thanks for your excellent question. We use them in Nicaragua where electrical plug is the same. read more

Updated: 21 May, 2017
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Surgical volunteer in Johannesburg

Thomas Flood replied

You can come to Nicaragua in August with my group Surgical Volunteers International. Tonm Flood 832-434-1593 read more

Updated: 20 May, 2017
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Wound infection

Fizan Abdullah replied

Dear Colleagues: The livestream for the G4 Alliance Permanent Council Meeting begins in 3 hours at 8 am Saturday May 20 and continues through Sunday May 21. Listen in as 80+ global organizations discuss and pass our strategic plan for the next 3 years to fulfill the G4 Alliance's global ... read more

Updated: 19 May, 2017
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New MOOC on Technology Innovation for Sustainable Development

by Klaus Schönenberger

Hello Our new MOOC “Technology innovation for sustainable development” is available on EdX! This MOOC teaches a methodology to use technology innovation and entrepreneurship as a tool to fight poverty. It uses the example of a digital imaging system specifically designed for low-income contexts as a common thread throughout the ... read more

Updated: 19 May, 2017
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Harvard Medical School Global Healthcare Delivery CME Course | Boston, MA | June 9-10, 2017


Hi everyone ! If someone wants to participate in the cme,is there any travel grant? read more

Updated: 18 May, 2017
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