Expert Panel: [ARCHIVED] Tuberculosis Among Migrants

When: Jan. 16, 2017 - Jan. 20, 2017 | Community: MDR-TB Treatment & Prevention  

This Expert Panel is Archived.

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Panelists of Tuberculosis Among Migrants and GHDonline staff

Migrants and internally displaced people are at high risk for tuberculosis infection and disease. They encounter multiple TB risk factors along their migration—at origin, during transit, and once arrived at their destination. Forced displacement is an especially concerning situation, with malnutrition, overcrowding in camps, and disruption of healthcare services a common experience.

The epidemiology of TB among migrants is, however, not well understood due to the challenges in surveying marginalized populations. Further, health systems, policy, and legal frameworks are not developed enough to address the problem satisfactorily. Evidence-based and rights-based interventions—and advocacy for them—are essential to prevent, diagnose and treat TB in migrants.

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