The incredible potential to improve global health delivery through appropriate use of health information technology (HIT) drives discussion in this community. Members connect to learn about feasibility, planning, and implementation of a broad spectrum of HIT projects, including electronic medical record systems and mobile devices.

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Free online course on Global Health and Disability from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

by Josie Gallo

Dear all, The second run of our free online course on Global Health and Disability starts next week, after an extremely successful first run in February this year. The course features key global leaders in disability and many testimonials and videos from people with disabilities from around the world. It ... read more

Updated: 01 Jun, 2018
Replies: 0

Request for Information: 1) Management KPIs and 2) Service Delivery Planning

Scott Teesdale replied

Hi Michelle, Re: service delivery planning: We have been creating an OS tool called Planwise, with partners Concern Worldwide and ASLM, to support the ability to look at what the current population coverage of the health system is, and then run optimization techniques to identify the most impactful investments to ... read more

Updated: 31 May, 2018
Replies: 11

EMR Evaluation on the quality of "no" answer

Michele Meltzer replied

Epic is designed so that there is the ability to elaborate on the yes/no questions. But this takes more time and effort. read more

Updated: 30 May, 2018
Replies: 3

Launch of WHO Classification of Digital Health Interventions v1.0

Steven Wanyee Macharia replied

Garret, reading the publication again, there might be value in considering a grouping for Heath policy makers (and health legal experts). This group has different requirements from health managers and obviously serve different role as well. They will also benefit greatly from research for health generated evidence. Thus, a digital ... read more

Updated: 13 May, 2018
Replies: 9

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