The incredible potential to improve global health delivery through appropriate use of health information technology (HIT) drives discussion in this community. Members connect to learn about feasibility, planning, and implementation of a broad spectrum of HIT projects, including electronic medical record systems and mobile devices.

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Seeking Health Professionals to Connect with African Users

Enya Seguin replied

Dear Seema, for now we are only onboarded licensed professionals. But we hope to have you onboard once you finish your board! Let's stay in touch: read more

Updated: 03 Aug, 2018
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International Workshop On Overview Of Health Informatics For Low And Middle Income Countries

David Cawthorpe replied

Health technology meets clinical outcome evaluation: described in the book below is a model for accountability and education, with integrated clinical outcomes in a mobile distributed electronic health record format. This model and the associated IT Application is ideal for principalities requiring low-cost, distributed, standardized solutions. It is the perfect ... read more

Updated: 13 Jul, 2018
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Academic editorial opportunity with the Human Diagnosis Project

by Joaquin Blaya, PhD

I thought some of you might be interested in this opportunity. It's from the Human Diagnosis Project (where I work) whose goal is to create a online system where any clinician or patient can get the steps to help them. Below is the announcement. Unfortunately, for now, it's only for ... read more

Updated: 03 Jul, 2018
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