Anyone can create SMS apps, even for non-smart phones

By Kira McCoy | 21 Apr, 2013

I'm a co-founder of Trext, we want to empower non-programers to deploy decision trees over text message. We envision clinicians and administrators making decision trees for community health workers. You can administer a patient survey, do surgical follow-up or even basic diagnostics.
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Usman Raza Moderator Emeritus Replied at 5:09 AM, 25 Apr 2013

Thank you Kira.

This sounds potentially very useful. Do you have any current/previous
examples of implementing this tool for:
- Assessing health service quality (through patients)
- As an advanced form of pill reminder, which records the response if the
patient did take the medicine? (I'm thinking about treatment adherence in

A/Prof. Terry HANNAN Moderator Replied at 7:27 AM, 25 Apr 2013

Have look at the App RxmindMe.
Reminders/data export..... USA based formulary so that is limit.