Healthcare software

By Vilas Mandlekar | 11 Sep, 2013

I am exploring a project in rural India - of providing a network of primary health care centers. In this project, I would like to see what are the health diagnostics software available that can be used by a nurse practitioner to do a preliminary diagnosis and where necessary have the patient data sent over the net to a doctor or other specialists. The doctors would be able to Skype with the patient to interact directly, when required. Appreciate knowing about such software as well as any insight that can be given on such a project. I had heard of eWaveMD and ESDS2000 software. Are there any others ? Does anyone have more information on the use of this software and how effective they are.



Joaquin Blaya, PhD Moderator Replied at 4:25 PM, 12 Sep 2013

Hi Vilas,
I've asked a couple of people I know for their opinions and we'll see what
they answer. Have you looked at Sana, here's a member spotlight with one of
the founders (

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