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Malaria Control Decision-Making (DM) Tools

By Vilas Mandlekar | 05 Jun, 2017

Malaria is on the decline in many Malaria endemic countries over the past 10 years. In this context, one of the important determinants for successful administration of a malaria control and elimination program has to be the decision-making (DM) at the national, sub-national or district levels by program managers, in terms of the interventions, preventative measures, resource allocation, logistics, etc.. For this purpose, program managers need access to a wide variety of inputs (data) at the operational (field) level and at the national and sub-national levels. There are a number of health information management systems, such as the DHIS 2, that provide some of this data in the form of operational data, as well as, data dash-boards and reports.

The questions I have are: Are there DM models or tools that help malaria control program managers in identifying actions for possible outcomes, prioritizing those actions, and assessing their expected impacts. Have there been any assessments of such DM tools? DM tools need not be software-based, but could also be in the form of a set of rules or procedures.


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