By Ivy de-Souza | 21 Jul, 2013

Dear All, please kindly give me your views on Reporting of Health activities from facilities to Ministry of Health and other international bodies (WHO etc.)




Joaquin Blaya, PhD Moderator Replied at 4:27 PM, 23 Jul 2013

Hi Ivy,
Could you be more specific as to what you would like. In other words, what
reports, for example for what programs, what international bodies, and also
a bit of background on the question. In other words, are you in a specific
country and are beginning to fill those rports out.

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Ivy de-Souza Replied at 7:42 AM, 24 Jul 2013

Dear Joaquin,
Please l am researching on the health information system. How activities example treatment of patients, referral cases, emergency, etc are reported from health facilities (regional, districts, sub-districts, private hospitals) to the Ministry of health and from the Ministry to WHO, Global Health Observatory, Global FUND, others if any. The reporting format used example paper-based / electronic (spread sheet, software, name of available ones). Ideas, links or literature on the Ghana Health System.
Thank you

Usman Raza Moderator Emeritus Replied at 9:35 AM, 27 Jul 2013

Dear Ivy,

I have experience with Global Fund grants. Very briefly, The Global Fund
prefers to utilise information and monitoring systems already in place,
therefore it depends on the individual program/organisation. Typically
however, paper based (and in some cases electronic) reports from service
delivery points are sent to provincial/state level or an intermediate
organisation. These are mostly activity/output measures. From intermediate
level then these reports are collated and sent to national level (mostly
electronically) based on some agreed template. Finally at national level,
the reports are again compiled into final reports that are submitted to
Global Fund. A national level, outcome and impact level measures may also
get added to the report through non-routine sources such as surveys.

I hope this answers at least some of your questions. Please feel free to
ask more specific questions.

Ivy de-Souza Replied at 5:37 PM, 27 Jul 2013

Dear Usman,

Thank you so much for the information.
Please kindly let me know if you are also aware of the name of the reporting templates or software (s) used for reporting.

Usman Raza Moderator Emeritus Replied at 7:12 PM, 27 Jul 2013

For reporting to Global Fund we use an Excel based template called the
"Performance Framework". It's part of a larger document called "Progress
Update / Disbursement Request" which also contains financial and
procurement related components. Samples can be found at the Global Fund's

Ivy de-Souza Replied at 8:44 PM, 27 Jul 2013

Dear Usman,
l am getting it clearer now. Please kindly let me know if there are some policies on reporting (Global, Ghana) as well as standards.
Thank you.

Usman Raza Moderator Emeritus Replied at 10:00 AM, 28 Jul 2013

I think this is a very wide area, unless I misunderstood your question. The
guidelines for reporting vary by donor and by project. The closest thing to
a policy or standard (at country level) that I can think of would be a
National M&E plan, for a given disease program.

Globally, you could look at UN reports to see what reporting standards are
being followed. For HIV/AIDS you can look at GAPRs at the UNAIDS website.