Review of EMR Systems Towards Standardization

By Steven Wanyee Macharia | 25 Mar, 2012

The MOH in Kenya recently launched a report that describes a country-wide activity where 17 EMR systems were reviewed against Standards and Guidelines for EMR Systems in Kenya. This activity had several objectives key of which was to use the results from the review exercise to advice the MOH on system(s) to invest in for implementation at public health facilities in Kenya. Having been part of this process, it has been very exciting and there's even more fun lying ahead of us.

How have other countries traveled this road and what has been your experiences?

This report attached here can also be found here:, go to Programmes Menu, then select Strategic Information Management Unit (SIMU) and you will find it there



A/Prof. Terry HANNAN Moderator Replied at 5:00 PM, 25 Mar 2012

Steven, congratulations. Having been a part of the MMRS leading to AMPATH and OepnMRS this is indded wonderful news. As Bill Tierney stated with our initial sucesses in Eldoret, "we have lit candle in the darkness of Africa (HIV/ADIS)". Terry Hannan

Kizito Lubano Replied at 1:00 AM, 26 Mar 2012

Steve and others I need urgent assistance with someone who has experience
with openMRS and similar software.


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Peter Lubambi Replied at 1:10 AM, 26 Mar 2012

Hi Kizito,
Which kind of assistance do you need?
You can joing the OpenMRS mailing lists, you will be able to get
most your questions answered.


Joaquin Blaya, PhD Moderator Replied at 10:00 AM, 26 Mar 2012

This is extremely useful both the criteria used and the results. The attachment initially didn't come through, so I went to the SIMU site you mentioned and I'm uploading it here.

Attached resource:

Steven Wanyee Macharia Replied at 11:40 AM, 26 Mar 2012

Thanks Joaquim for uploading it - we've been having very slow Internet speeds to fiber cuts.

Steven Wanyee Macharia Replied at 11:41 AM, 26 Mar 2012


Let's chat tomorrow and I can provide you more info.

Kizito Lubano Replied at 11:22 PM, 26 Mar 2012

Thank you Steve. I look forward