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Task shifting and medical devices (for global health) survey - deadline extended

By Amir Sabet | 08 Jul, 2014

Hope this message finds you well! I would like to remind you about the fast approaching deadline for completing the survey on task shifting and medical devices for global health. The deadline for completion is extended to July 15 (absolute last date).

Four respondents, who complete the survey, will be selected through a random drawing to receive a $25 Amazon gift card.

The survey's aims are to capture your feedback, and assessment of the concept of task-shifting in medical devices, given your involvement in (global) health delivery and technology. This survey is part of a research project at the University of Michigan investigating design processes that consider stakeholders’ needs and wants at early stages of medical device development. Your input will help inform the design and development of more user-friendly medical devices.
No personal information that can identify you will be collected. Completing this survey should not take more than 25 minutes of your time.

Please click on the following link to take you to the survey:

Also, feel free to distribute this message among anyone you might find appropriate. Please contact me if you have any question. Thank you for your consideration; we value your insights!



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