Can Mobile Device Management Improve the Data Collection Processes? - ICT Works

by Naomi Muinga

Came across this entry today about mobile device management(by Shabnam Aggarwal) that may be useful for those doing work involving mobile devices. This is in relation to a discussion we had last year: https://www.ghdonline.org/tech/discussion/mobile-device-management-systems-and-experiences-i/ https://www.ictworks.org/can-mobile-device-management-improve-data-collection-processes/ read more

Updated: 19 Feb, 2018
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New free online course - Global Health and Disability

by Josie Gallo

The International Centre for Evidence in Disability at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine is delighted to launch a new free online course on Global Health and Disability: http://bit.ly/2nQuHcL The course features key global leaders in disability and many testimonials and videos from people with disabilities from around the ... read more

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Public Health Campaign - storing files

Joaquin Blaya, PhD replied

Hi Philip, We removed the response about essaycorp because we felt it was spam. read more

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Virtual Internationa Day of the Midwife E confrence

by Deborah Davis

This conference is in its 10th year and just gets better every year! Please consider submitting an abstract and celebrating International Day of the Midwifery 2018 with a global audience. read more

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Help inform the future of PubMed

A/Prof. Terry HANNAN replied

Andrew, after working in Chile 2 years ago with A/Prof Daniel Capurro he introduced me to a remarkable application -free- called Epistimonikos that may help. Terry Hannan https://www.epistemonikos.org/ read more

Updated: 09 Feb, 2018
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WHO Report - Global diffusion of eHealth: Making universal health coverage achievable

Luis Azpurua replied

Thanks Joaquin for this valuable document. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Luis read more

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Flash consultation: mHealth interventions for NCD prevention and control in LMIC

Tim Simard replied

Hi Whitney, I may be able to help. Tim Simard tsimard44@gmail.com <mailto:tsimard44@gmail.com> read more

Updated: 14 Jan, 2018
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Survey Request: Digital Health Interoperability experiences to inform Health Data Collaborative and HL7


Hi, Please is it possible for you to share the summary result of this survey? Thanks read more

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Updated: 23 Dec, 2017
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Tender for OpenSRP implementation in Tanzania

Tai Smallwood replied

My daughter, a current sophomore at NYU studying Global Public Health is looking for an opportunity to work on a GPH project this summer. She has worked as a community health aide at a non-proft medical center, providing advocacy and linking services to a largely under-resources immigrant population. She speaks ... read more

Updated: 13 Dec, 2017
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