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Ailis Tweed-Kent
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27 Oct, 2008


Ailis Tweed-Kent received her B.S. in Chemical Engineering at the University of Notre Dame in 2007. During her undergraduate years, she spent time at Touching Tiny Lives in Lesotho, Africa working with children affected or infected by HIV/AIDS, conducted basic science research on osteoblast cells, and was selected to be the student panelist in the Notre Dame Forum: The Global Health Crisis. After graduation, she matriculated at Harvard Medical School where she has been involved in numerous global health and diagnostic related projects that span from basic science research to policy. She has collaborated with PEPFAR to develop guidelines and strategy on the implementation of rapid diagnostic tests, worked with iTEACH to evaluate the decentralization of HIV treatment in South Africa, collaborated with the Global Health Delivery Project at Harvard to develop an expert panel on malaria rapid diagnostic tests, designed a proposal to develop eco-friendly rapid diagnostic tests, and briefly volunteered with Daktari Daignostics to further develop their rapid CD4 assay. Most recently, Ailis was selected as a Doris Duke International Clinical Research Fellow 2010-2011, during which she led a multidisciplinary multinational research project to develop a rapid diagnostic tool for typhoid fever starting with a thorough end-user needs assessment in Nepal and followed by a collaboration with basic researchers in Spain to adapt a novel aptamer-based carbon nanotube biosensor to detect live Salmonella typhi in whole blood in the laboratory. She will start her residency in Internal Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital in July 2012 and plans to pursue a career developing global health diagnostics.

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  • Student


  • Harvard Medical School
  • London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
  • Massachusetts General Hospital - MGH
  • Touching Tiny Lives Foundation
  • University of Notre Dame

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  • United States