Anup Akkihal


Anup Akkihal
Member since:
08 Jun, 2009


Anup brings 14 years experience in supply chain strategy across a broad range of industries in America, Europe, Africa and Asia. He has enjoyed the privilege of designing field/tactical logistics systems with the United States Army, managing SAP enterprise software projects, and advising USAID, WHO and World Bank on supply chain management & technology.

Seeking to advance the public condition, Anup now conducts research, development, and social outreach to enhance BoP access to essential commodities, and improve market linkages for village producers. The effort evolved into the development – and ongoing deployment in India and Africa – of robust mobile supply chain management (mSCM) tools that are now changing landscapes across healthcare, agriculture, construction, livelihoods and disaster response. He hopes mSCM technology generates positive externalities in rural emerging markets, tangibly impacting the condition of the world’s poorest citizens & fostering self-reliance.

Anup earned degrees from Johns Hopkins University and MIT.


Role(s) / Profession(s)

  • Administrator (CEO, COO, President, Executive)
  • Development Professional
  • Engineer
  • Information Technology Professional
  • Procurement/Supply chain Professional
  • Researcher


  • Logistimo

Work Location(s)

  • India

Population(s) Served

  • Children
  • Rural


  • English
  • Kannada