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David Bangsberg, MD, MPH
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19 Aug, 2008


David Bangsberg is the director of International Programs at the Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard, Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard School of Medicine, and the director of the International Program for the Harvard University Center for AIDS Research. Dr. Bangsberg received his medical degree from Johns Hopkins University and holds a Master of Science from Kings College at the University of London and a Master of Public Health from the University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Bangsberg has researched and published extensively on adherence to antiretroviral medications in treating HIV/AIDS and has collaborations across sub-Saharan Africa.

Research: Focused on HIV in impoverished populations. In 1996, Dr. Bangsberg launched a series of studies in HIV+ homeless and marginally housed individuals in response to concerns that poor adherence to HIV antiretroviral treatment in the urban poor would create new strains of drug resistant virus. He described the challenges in providing antiretroviral therapy to the urban poor, developed valid measures of adherence, defined the risk of antiretroviral resistance by level of adherence, and developed effective interventions to improve adherence in the HIV+ urban poor. These studies mitigated what we now recognize were exaggerated concerns regarding HIV drug resistance in the urban poor and helped shift the debate from withholding treatment to maximizing treatment effectiveness.

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  • Academic
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  • Harvard Global Health Institute
  • Harvard Medical School
  • Massachusetts General Hospital - MGH

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