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Reply to HAART for ART naive patient with Kaposis Sacorma

Oct. 13, 2016
Dear Emmanuel Here attached is a resource that might guide you. ART yes and if severe KS, "urgent" Chemotherapy indicated.

Reply to MDR TB Infection

July 2, 2016
Dear Tom and Dear Ed First of all, let me thank you for a passionate and educative discussion that only prove to us that science is never "that exact", that evidences change overtime and as Ed put it "but it is difficult to consider the absence of anything as evidence". ...


June 12, 2016
Dear Mohamed I totally agree with your advice based on most of DR-TB Clinical Management Recommendations that also leave a door opened to reducing the dosage (if possible, weight based lowest appropriate dosage: what is the patient's weight) but also stopping the offending drug while stressing adequate monitoring of ADRs ...

Reply to streptomycin in non-hepatotoxic regimen

April 7, 2016
Dear Heba Would you mind sharing the specific indication and intricacies for the liver sparing TB treatment for your patient: first line TB Drug induced hepatotoxicity with or without liver failure? failed first line TB drugs rechallenge (rifampicin or isoniazid or both rifampicin and isoniazid)? As per one of your ...

Reply to Tenofovir resistance higher than expected

Feb. 28, 2016
Dear Bazile Here is my follow up to the discussion in the line with your question which will be answered using Stanford DB as main reference. Indeed there are discriminatory resistance and multi drug resistance (acquired/selected or transmitted) that would affect positively or negatively susceptibility to TDF/TAF although not directly ...

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