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Reply to [ARCHIVED] Supporting the Informal Caregiver: Implications for an Aging Society

June 14, 2016
Thank you for such rich and timely discussion. Caregivers play a primary role in ensuring the elderly lead dignified lives. There services being "informal" how can their issues including the work they do be prioritised by the governments? How can there be sufficient resources and make their work formal? And ...

Reply to [ARCHIVED] Strengthening Health Systems: The Role of NGOs

May 28, 2012
Yes, planning within the government strategic plans and / or annual operational plans (AOPs) is a good thing. A challenge arises when some of the good strategies within the government plans/AOPs are not or are underfunded thus end up not being implemented. In such a scenario, the community suffers. Regards ...

Reply to [ARCHIVED] Integrating M&E for Health Systems Strengthening

March 26, 2012
The under-staffing in most health facilities especially in developing countries is a major contributor to compromised/manipulated data. This is because, health workers are overwhelmed with serving patients and recording/clerking on daily basis. Most of the times to the health worker, the patient is the priority, and data recording may be ...

Reply to [ARCHIVED] Integrating M&E for Health Systems Strengthening

March 22, 2012
the motivation in data use could be the use of the data for decision making by those who collect it, and those who provided it (the source), rather than leaving data use as a responsibility of the decision makers. -- *“If you want to feel rich, just count all the ...

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