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Reply to Building the HEAL Initiative Community - Recruitment for 2018

July 31, 2017
Hi looks like only US residents qualify to apply? Ireen

Reply to [ARCHIVED] Strengthening and Scaling the Community Health Workforce

June 15, 2017
Daniel this is very true, my experience has been the chw jumping from one organisation to another based on the motivation they get, not forgetting mentoring and all. One time in my country efforts started to consolidate chw motivation by all organisation working with them but from my memory it ...

Reply to [ARCHIVED] Strengthening and Scaling the Community Health Workforce

June 12, 2017
I really agree to all, we also need to increase their capacity of record keeping such as for who has been referred etc, we need to empower them with skills on dealing with the community members and stakeholders/partners, above all the issue of motivation need to be addressed, this may ...

Reply to Tenofovir resistance higher than expected

Feb. 19, 2016
interesting and wondering why mostly in the low and mid income countries, can someone elaborate -- Kapaba Silweya favour is divine perfume, which when God pours it on someone not even history would take it away (M. Mwanawasa)

Reply to Cotrimoxazole profilatic therapy

June 11, 2015
I tend to agree with the above two comments, from observation working with people with HIV, on Cotrimoxazole taken for as good as for life, they report fewer opportunistic infections and tend to show a healthy status, of course other factors could be at play to contribute to this. -- ...

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