James Arbaugh


James Arbaugh
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10 May, 2012


James Arbaugh graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science Engineering Technology from Le Tourneau University in 2001. He is currently the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Hospital Albert Schweitzer (HAS), located in Deschapelles, Haiti. He is responsible for various servers, wired/wireless networks, about 100 client stations, multiple databases and software applications. James has lead the implementation of OpenMRS at HAS in a process that began late 2006. Even today, his OpenMRS implementation boasts the largest number of registered patients; at nearly 700,000. Showing commitment to the OpenMRS community, James frequently receives prospective OpenMRS users, and has even hosted a Haiti OpenMRS Implementers Conference. James has specialized in making OpenMRS fit the needs in his developing country without significant modification to the software. HAS is currently testing OpenMRS-JR (data collection with a mobile phone into OpenMRS) with community health workers under the direction of James Arbaugh.


Role(s) / Profession(s)

  • Information Technology Professional


  • Hopital Albert Schweitzer

Work Location(s)

  • Haiti


  • English
  • Haitian Creole