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20 Oct, 2010


I work as a field-based researcher in global public health, specializing in the assessment and mapping of disrupted health systems in post-conflict and post-disaster settings. My most recent work has involved operational field research in Haiti and Sudan, examining the development of health information systems used to assess the availability of essential health resources and services, including the mapping of health facilities. I have experience in the areas of surgical care, access to essential medicines, health systems strengthening, and health services research in several low- and middle-income countries. I work effectively in austere settings, and I have successfully implemented projects with diverse stakeholders located in multiple countries, including preparing proposals for consultation with international aid agencies and donors in fragile states.

Specialties: Population health, health humanitarian aid, health facilities mapping and assessment, health care delivery in conflict settings, global health, health policy, public health information systems, respiratory therapy, humanitarian assistance, public health, surgical care in low- and middle-income countries.

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  • Academic
  • Consultant
  • Healthcare Employee
  • Researcher


  • Bruy√®re Research Institute
  • University of Ottawa

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  • Canada


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