Julie Rosenberg


Julie Rosenberg
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07 Nov, 2008


Julie is the Deputy Director of the Global Health Delivery Project at Harvard (GHD). Julie joined GHD in 2007 as a senior case writer. She has overseen the writing and managed the publication of over 40 global health delivery teaching cases and their accompanying teaching notes that provide thorough analysis of themes in global health delivery as well as several scholarly journal articles. She has trained and managed other GHD case writers and standardized the GHD case product line. She brought qualitative and quantitative research, writing, editing, and project management skills to several large research projects at GHD, including the World Health Organization Maximizing Positive Synergies between Health Systems and Global Health Initiatives project, the Partners In Health white paper Stemming the Tide of Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis: Major Barriers to Addressing the Growing Epidemic, an appendix to the Institute of Medicine report Addressing the Threat of Drug Resistant TB: A Realistic Assessment of the Challenges, and UNAIDS’ Critical Interactions between Global Fund Supported Programs and Health Systems report. She assisted with a Harvard Humanitarian Initiative project, collaborating with NATO, to examine health system strengthening in crisis-affected fragile states. Prior to working with the Global Health Delivery Project, Julie worked in clinical research. She has worked in community-based nonprofit organizations in Latin America and the US. Julie has an MPH in epidemiology and global health from Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University and a BA from Harvard College.

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  • Academic
  • Researcher


  • Ariadne Labs
  • Global Health Delivery Project

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  • United States


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