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Kedar Mate
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Kedar Mate, MD is an Internal Medicine physician and an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College and a Research Fellow at Harvard Medical School’s Division of Global Health Equity. In addition, he serves as the Senior Vice President for Innovation at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and the Regional Senior Vice-President for the Middle-East and Asia-Pacific. Previously he worked with Partners In Health, served as a special assistant to the Director of the HIV/AIDS Department at the World Health Organization, and led the IHI’s national program in South Africa. In addition to his clinical expertise in hospital-based medicine, Dr. Mate has developed broad expertise in health systems improvement, innovation and implementation science. He advises initiatives in multiple countries on developing and applying novel strategies to strengthen health systems to improve delivery of critical health services. In his leadership role at IHI, Dr. Mate has overseen the developments of innovative new systems designs to implement high quality, low cost health care both in the US and in international settings. Dr. Mate has published numerous peer-reviewed articles, book chapters and white papers and delivered keynote speeches in forums all over the world. He teaches undergraduate and graduate-level courses in the New York, Haiti, Tanzania and South Africa. He graduated from Brown University with a degree in American History and from Harvard Medical School with his medical degree. He trained in internal medicine at the Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston and currently resides in Virginia.

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  • Academic


  • Brigham and Women's Hospital, Division of Global Health Equity

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  • United States


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