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Reply to Bedaquiline and Delamanid beyond 6 months

Oct. 24, 2017
Dear Ignacio, this is indeed a relevant question, and as a clinician I think it is important to have available the option of "prolonging" Bdq and Dlm whenever the individual patient needs it. In France, this is done in the majority of cases due to drug intolerance or complicated resistance ...

Reply to [ARCHIVED] Anti-TB Drugs and Arrhythmia: Theoretical Concern or Real Risk?

July 8, 2015
Thanks to all of you for this very enriching discussion. I have a couple of questions, mainly for our Cardiologists (such a rare opportunity to have them in the panel): - Which are the clinical risk factors for developing prolonged QTc interval and consequent arrhytmias? - Are there any genetic ...

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