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Reply to Free bedaquiline for 100 countries

Dec. 16, 2014
Good morning, this is a very good and healthy discussion. I think we must use this collective wisdom when going forward and implement this opportunity. To clarify few things: - Details on how this will work, countries, applications and conditions to receive the donation are to be worked out and ...

Reply to How nurses can impact advice to leaders on growing youthful nations

July 29, 2013
Hi I think I can recommend few names for your work. I work for the Stop TB Partnership and there are several partners trying to address as well the area you described. If interested, I can continue this over my email

Reply to [ARCHIVED] Lessons Learned in India: E-Compliance for TB Treatment by Operation ASHA

July 7, 2013
Dear all, this is a verz good and timelz discussion so thatnk you all for the topic, the richness and the debate. Few things to add: 1. We are getting more and more visibility, support and commitment for TB interventionsand what is very important is to haveambition at the country ...

Reply to Expert Panel Dec. 10-14: Scaling-up GeneXpert MTB/RIF

Dec. 19, 2012
Good morning. Once the discussion brief is done and posted, we can also make sure we widely share - as I found the comments and discussion points extremelly rich. The 2013 planned discussion might consider discussing the access to genXpert, who gets tested with genXpert, how the results are used, ...

Reply to Expert Panel Dec. 10-14: Scaling-up GeneXpert MTB/RIF

Dec. 11, 2012
Good afternoon and thank you all colleagues for such a great discussion. This is a question on the CEPHEID Training programme. On the training part do I understand right that with the exception of the web based training, all other options imply the existence of a budget from the implementers ...

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