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Manjari Tripathi
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03 Jul, 2011


Dr. Manjari Tripathi
Additional Professor,
Task force member Epilepsy Stigma- International league against epilepsy (ILAE)
Faculty 1000 ILAE
Room No 705, Department of Neurology, Neurosciences Centre, AIIMS.
Phone No. 0091-11-26594494 / 26588248 FAX- 26588248/ 26588166
OPD : Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday, Room Nos. A-25/Room nos 7, Neuroscience Centre, Ground Floor
Only after prior appointment in Room Nos: 703/ 26588500/26588700/26589900- ext 3252
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Dr Manjari completed her training in Neurology at NIMHANS, Bangalore in the year 1996. Worked as Faculty in the Department of Neurology at St Johns Medical College Bangalore 1997-1998. She joined AIIMS as Assistant Professor Neurology in 1998. She was awarded the NIH- FELLOWSHIP in EPILEPSY at the prestigious University College of Los Angeles – USA under the mentorship of Prof J Engel (Chairman, Seizure Disorder center, UCLA) from 2005-06. She was awarded the Penry Minifellowship of The Wake Forest University in 2006, she is an Alumni of the San Servolo Summer School of Epilepsy, 2003. She did a rotation in Sleep medicine under the supervision of Prof Frica Yan Go (UCLA) April 2006 and was further awarded the American Academy of Sleep medicine (2008) International scholarship for sleep training at Northwestern University Chicago (USA) under the mentorship of Program Director Dr Phyllis Zee. She completed the NIH course on Principles and Practice of clinical research in fall of 2005. She observed functioning of Dementia clinic with Prof M Mesulam Northwestern University, Chicago, USA in 2002. She is a member of Professional societies like American Academy of Neurology, Indian Epilepsy Society and Association, 10/66 Dementia research group, National Epilepsy and disability workgroup. She is the secretary of the tropical subsection of the Indian Academy of Neurology. Executive member of the Indian Society of Sleep Research, Alzheimer's society of India, and American Academy of Sleep Medicine. She is a faculty of 1000 with the International league against epilepsy She is a task force person for Chronic disease biology and stem cell research in the (Department of Biotechnology (DBT ). She is an Executive member of the Indian Epilepsy Society. She has numerous research publications in epilepsy, dementia, multiple sclerosis, headache etc. She has research projects in Epilepsy and dementia and guides residents in Neurology and PhD students with there thesis and research work. Her main areas of interest are Epilepsy especially Intractable epilepsies, Women with epilepsy and functional neuroimaging in Epilepsy. She is also interested in the use and programming of implantable devices in epilepsy, spasticity and pain. Her other areas of interest are Cognitive disorders specially Dementias; Childhood acquired aphasias, Sleep medicine and Multiple sclerosis and tropical neurology. She is an integral part of the comprehensive epilepsy care program and runs the intractable epilepsy clinic. She started two new procedures for epilepsy surgery in AIIMS - Hemispherotomy and Phase two evaluation with depth and grids which were hitherto not performed at AIIMS for benefit of patients with difficulty to treat epilepsy. She is the course director for the biannual IES- EEG and EPILEPSY workshops at AIIMS which are available on She has delivered guest lectures at various National and International epilepsy conferences. She is the task force person for Intractable Epilepsy and Disability in India. She is reviewer of various National and International Journals and recipient of Numerous Young Investigator Awards and Scholarships of the AAN. She organized the Current Trends in Epilepsy - an International Symposium in November 2006 and organizes Epilepsy awareness days on the occasion of National Epilepsy day on Nov 17th. She has written in Hindi and English patient care booklets for epilepsy and dementia. She is the core member of the formulation of epilepsy treatment guidelines in India the GEMIND. These are available on the following link. and at Through the GEMIND she is actively involved in teaching physicians and specialists about diagnosis and management of epilepsy. She has introduced dos and don’ts of epilepsy in the CBSE Health manual curriculum. She is also involved in training courses at AIIMS for dos and don’ts of epilepsy when seen by bystanders.

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