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  • D-tree International
    Website: Type: Non-Governmental Organization Country: United States About: D-Tree International is committed to assisting health care workers improve their services while supporting better planning and management of scarce health resources. In order to achieve this vision, D-Tree is developing both the protocols and the training and support systems needed for wide scale implementation of technology-enhanced health service delivery at the local level. This is accomplished by working with local institutions that, together with D-Tree, provide training, support, and maintenance. In addition to the protocols, D-Tree is also developing data collection systems for use by governments, NGOs and other appropriate groups who have need for unbiased information about disease incidence in the population. Finally, D-Tree is designing and maintaining the PDA- and mobile phone-based software and hardware necessary for the system. D-Tree believes this comprehensive, multi-level approach is the key to implementing effective programs that also lay the groundwork for larger scale-up.

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