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Dec. 7, 2018
Thank you Christina. I have joined the new Google group and look forward to interacting. I would also like to invite GHD N&M members to join HIFA. HIFA has 19k members with many nurses and midwives and we would welcome more. :-) Here's a brief overview: HIFA (Healthcare Information For ...

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Nov. 16, 2018
Dear all on Health IT, I would like to invite everyone to join HIFA, which includes many aspects of Health IT. HIFA (Healthcare Information For All) is a dynamic global health community working in collaboration with the World Health Organization, with more than 18,000 members (health professionals, librarians, publishers, researchers, ...

Evidence-Informed Policy and Practice to address NCDs - Join HIFA:

July 16, 2017
How can we more effectively meet the information needs of citizens, health professionals and policymakers? We invite you to join HIFA (Healthcare Information For All) - a growing global health movement working in collaboration with the World Health Organization, Geneva. HIFA has more than 16,000 members (health workers, librarians, publishers, ...
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July 9, 2017
Dear Abdi, Thank you for your interesting post. This corresponds with our experience on HIFA Community Health Workers project: HIFA has >16,000 members and I invite GHD members to join (free): We hosted a major thematic discussion on CHWs in the runup to the Internationa Sysmposium on CHWs ...

Diagnostics and healthcare information

June 22, 2017
Dear all, I'm delighted to join this forum on diagnostics.By way of introduction I coordinate a project called HIFA (Healthcare Information For All): Our focus is on improving the availability and use of healthcare information in LMICs. We see this - and diagnostics - as part of a broad ...
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"[ARCHIVED] Strengthening and Scaling the Community Health Workforce"

What attributes, skills, and experiences make someone a good CHW candidate?